Opinion: Don’t Play Their Game – Buz Williams

Men have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes. That’s the hard science. An XY chromosome man, who states that he identifies as a woman is referred to as “she” in the media, even most conservative media. No matter what hormones a person is given, no matter what functional or nonfunctional genitals are added or subtracted, no matter what enhancements, deletions or cosmetics a person receives, that individual’s chromosomes are not changed. We don’t have to play their game.

We are not being confrontational. When they refer to a man, who self identifies as a woman, as “she” or “her”, they are defying logic and science. By doing this, they, (the far left sexually obsessed), are the ones being confrontational. We need to address these misrepresentations where ever and whenever we see or hear them.

In conversations with friends and acquaintances, when someone refers to Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner or Lia (William) Thomas as she or her, courteously correct that person. Advise whoever made the reference that Caitlyn or Lia has an X and Y chromosome and is, therefore, scientifically, biologically and in reality, a male. Anyone can personally or legally change his name. Anyone can acquire a nickname. If Bruce wants to be called Caitlyn or William wants to be referred to as Lia, that’s fine, we’ll call them by those monikers. One can always change one’s name, but can never, in reality, change one’s sex. We are, therefore, scientifically, logically and morally correct in saying that referencing an XY chromosomal male, as a she or her, is wrong.

In addition, when such gender quotations are printed in newspapers or other periodical, we should respond with letters to the editor requesting they correct these misrepresentations of gender. We should also do the same or send emails to the producers of radio, TV, podcasts and internet blogs to make those corrections. This may seem like shoveling sand against the tide, but if enough people did this that tide may change and truth may ultimately win.

At the same time, and with the same determination, we need to address the rewriting of history presented in such anti-American programs as the 1619 project, and Critical Race Theory. When we do this, we know we will be called “racists” by the race profiteers and others on the far left. We need not quake and shrink. We should bluntly tell them that since they call everyone who disagrees with them racists the only logical conclusion one can come to, is that their definition of racism is opposing their point of view.

The far leftists are adept at name calling. In addition to accusing others of being racists, they use such pejorative terms as sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, misogynists, white supremacist, white nationalist, gun nuts and Nazis. We need to address this use of these epithets with the facts we have that refute these false assertions. Impartial observers can see the obvious when truth meets false name calling.

We don’t have to play their game by letting them use nouns and pronouns that defy realities.  


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  1. Thanks Buz. The trans craze can be considered a part of the Great Reset prompted by the One World bankers and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Wide acceptance and intimidation of opposition leads to a population finally accepting falsity. We need to reject the “new Disney” as we reject masks and the false covid 19 pandemic based upon mass media and government manipulation of science though the fear factor. Maybe Buz, you could expand on the issues of a New World Order we must know to reject before it’s too late.

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