Opinion: Misplaced Loyalties – Buz Williams

Remember when the Democrat Party was considered the party of the “working man”? The middle class was growing and it seemed to the majority of Americans that Democrats cared more about them than Republicans. Republicans were viewed to be the party of the rich, the industrialists, and the bosses. Like everything else, politics has evolved.

Ronald Reagan probably articulated it best when he said that he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left him. Slowly but surely, the Democrats began to be much more identified with the welfare state than working men and women. Half a century ago, nearly all Democrats were against illegal immigration. Labor leaders and Democrats at that time, realized that an influx of illegal aliens would lessen the wages of lower and middle class Americans.

Reflecting the feelings of most of their countrymen, Democrats and liberal to moderate Republicans thought that public assistance should be a safety net, not a hammock. So what changed? A generation ago, no politician in this country would self identify as a socialist. Now the Democrat Party is the home of several of them. Now they cooperate with elite RINO Republicans on several issues.

They both want open borders. The progressive Democrats see illegal immigrants as their potential voters who will keep them in power, and the RINOs see them as low cost labor. They both support more commerce with the Chinese Communist regime because both groups have lucrative business dealings with them. That is also why most Democrats and RINOs refrain from criticizing the Chi Coms for their genocide of the Uighurs, the suppression of civil rights in Hong Kong and the Big Brother surveillance of their own people.

It would appear that both groups have switched their allegiance from their own country, to the “new world order” first brought to light in 1991 by President George H. W. Bush when he mentioned it in a speech. By their actions, it appears that they would be much more loyal to a one world government than to their own country. Why else would they refrain for half a century from fixing the border to stop massive illegal immigration. For decades, the middle class in this nation has been shrinking, yet neither party had not done anything effective, (until Trump became President), to address that problem.

It’s not so much that they hate America, although many, if not most of them, do. It’s more that they view the United States and its Constitution as an obstruction. To the far leftists, progressives, democratic socialists, communists on the left, our nation is the one major impediment to the creation of a “one world” government, borderless utopia. To the RINOs, country club Republicans, military/industrialists, corporatists, crony capitalists, and elitists, our nation poses a threat to their power and status. Both groups think that they would be in the ruling elite in a one world, new world order government. If they checked the history of communist take overs, they would be surprised that that is rarely the case.

Add to these groups the big businesses of high tech. They have already shown that they are more than willing to suppress speech with which they disagree. They have been assisting the Chinese Communist Party, (and their military), in developing surveillance, programs and other technical programs to restrict the freedoms of the Chinese people. In fact, all of the big businesses, sports teams and players that are engaged in China, rarely criticize them for their genocide of the Uighurs, Hong Kong suppression or Big Brother state tactics, for fear of losing this gigantic cash cow.

With a billion people, China has the potential of dwarfing all venues and markets in the United States. All those who want to exploit that market should move their sports teams, multi-media and high tech industries there and we should encourage them to do so. We should stop supporting them with our business and our money. We’ll see how long their loyalty will last. Will the millions of people all over the world who want to come to America, suddenly decide that China offers them a better chance to improve their lives and families? I don’t think so.

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