4 Tools to Help Rank Your YouTube Videos

Social media and the internet has taken over the world. In today’s generation, everything we do is online and through the internet. One of the biggest social media platforms is YouTube. YouTube is not just the biggest but also one of the oldest social media platforms on the internet. Everyone we know uses YouTube. 

You can use YouTube for various things such as making videos, gaining entertainment, promoting your businesses, keeping up with the current affairs and trends of the world, and many more. YouTube is a massive platform with a lot of people on it. There are many viewers and also many creators on this platform. 

New people and new creators are erupting every day and starting their journeys on this platform. The competition is very tough as almost every type of content has been used in the past. Therefore, it is tough to be creative and put out unique content on YouTube. You need to work hard to gain success on this platform

Getting exposure to your videos is also very important for YouTube. Mostly everyone comes across your videos with the help of their recommended section, all by searching for content. This is why it is essential to maintain a good ranking for your YouTube videos. Your YouTube ranking depends on many different factors.

The higher your ranking on youtube is, the more likely people will stumble upon your content and get to know about you. There are many different things that you can do to improve your ranking on YouTube. If you wish to learn more about these, read this article.

Here is a list of the 4 tools to help rank your YouTube videos:

  • Make content on relevant topics with Google trends: 

It would help if you made sure that the content you put out is of interest to people. You cannot expect your videos to get a lot of engagement if the content is not attractive to everyone.

You need to make sure that you have unique and creative content that will catch people’s eyes. YouTube is a vast platform. Therefore, you need to make sure that you release content that will help you stand out. 

You can also use a lot of Google trends to find out which topic people are interested in the most. You will get a list of topics you can base your content around. 

If you make content on exciting issues, you are more likely to get recommended to people, and more people will watch your videos. Social media is all about trends. Therefore, you also need to keep up with them. 

  • YouTube Auto-suggestions:

Your video title will also significantly impact how well your video does. You need to make sure that you use keywords that are searched mainly by many people. You can use the autosuggestions that YouTube gives and then add all of those words into the title of your videos so that more people can come across them. 

You can just go into the search bar of YouTube and type out a word related to your video. If you put these words into your title, you will know what people search for and to whom your videos will get recommended. 

This will make it so much easier for your ranking to go higher, as your video will come up in some of the first suggestions when people search for the keywords you have entered in your title.

  • VidlQ to add tags to your videos:

Like every other social media platform, YouTube also functions with tags. You can use many tags and then add them under your YouTube videos. This will sort your YouTube videos into a single niche and then recommend people based on that. 

You can use many apps and Google extensions to determine which tags you should use on your videos. Based on the content of your video, you can add various hashtags to your video. 

When people don’t search for what they are looking for, they check out multiple hashtags to find content. When they do that, they might come across your video as well. Therefore, it is essential that you check which hashtags are the most viewed and then use them under your videos to give your videos more exposure. 

You can use a tool called VidlQ to help you figure out which tags will be the best for your videos. They will give you a large statistical data report of all the tags used on YouTube and the most famous ones. 

  • Buy Youtube engagements:

YouTube also tends to expose videos that are doing well and have a lot of views and engagements on them. If your videos have a lot of attention, the YouTube algorithm will automatically recommend your videos to more people.

It will also mean that many people like your videos; therefore, more people will also want to see your videos. Hence, if you wish to boost your account, you can buy YouTube views for YouTube subscribers from vendors like SocialPros.io

With the help of this, your report will look more legit and professional. It will also help you to get more genuine Youtube viewers. If you have a lot of views, your video might also call on the trending page of YouTube, making it very easy for you to gain more exposure.


That is it for this list about the 4 tools to help rank your YouTube videos. We hope that this helps you increase your ranking on YouTube and makes your journey to success on YouTube a lot easier.

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