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Last year, I pointed out that the United States of America is no longer our nation. This is hardly an original insight on the Dissident Right, but millions of ordinary white Americans are learning the hard way that they have no place in the United States today. Here is some of the recent news:

  • A book by a black man who says the Constitution is “trash” because slave-owning white people wrote it, is the number-one seller in “Civics” on Amazon.
  • All but two of the top 25 medical schools in the United States require students to undergo some form of critical race theory training.
  • The Department of Homeland Security will relocate over 2,000 Afghan refugees a month to a conference center in Loudoun County, Virginia. The center is located near two schools.
  • A black student in Sacramento was caught on camera scrawling racist graffiti at her high school. The hoax was downplayed as a “prank that went sideways.” A similar incident happened at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.
  • Whites have been sent to the back of the line for medical treatments.
  • Oakland, California, just announced a guaranteed income plan for poor BIPOCS; illegal immigrants can apply, but whites cannot.
  • A black activist charged with trying to murder a white Kentucky mayoral candidate was released from jail after Black Lives Matter posted a $100,000 bond for him.
  • Heterosexual whites are barred from a Morgan Stanley internship program.
  • A black man who shot and killed a light skinned Hispanic woman working at a Burger King asks, “Where’s our reparations for 400 years of f**king slavery!”
  • A black man in New York burned a white bum to death.
  • At the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), black cadets make up 6 percent of the student body but are 43 percent of those expelled for honor code violations. VMI will change the honor code to make it “fair.”

There is nothing unusual about any of this. Whites in America are attacked, harassed, discriminated against, abused, slandered, scapegoated and even killed because we are white. As we slip into minority status, there is every reason to think these attacks will only increase.

Republicans and Conservative Inc. have been characteristically useless — sometimes complicit — in this anti-whiteness. There is a growing backlash, as can be seen by the battle against critical race theory (CRT) in Loudoun County, Virginia and elsewhere, but the only consistent awareness of this anti-white campaign has come from the burgeoning Dissident Right.

America First?

Whites come last for politicians, teachers, journalists, the military, corporations, religious leaders, non-profits, the courts, and every other institution in the country. More and more of us are beginning to notice.


Several publications have published longer explanations of why the country is beyond hope. This Unz Review article is called “America Must Die – So That The People Can Live”:

A recent study stated that the US now has an astonishing 44 million people who were foreign-born, of which about 75% are legal and 25% are illegal. Nearly half of these millions were born in just five countries: Mexico, China, India, Philippines, and El Salvador. Surely not more than a percent or two of these 44 million are White. The grand edifice that is America is collapsing as we speak.

Therefore, it is time to accept reality and give up America for lost. Put away your flags, your pins, and all your red-white-and-blue paraphernalia. Toss out your MAGA hats; America will never be “great again.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or a fool. The country is rotting from above and below.

Another Unz Review piece argues that the historic American nation is now a thing of the past and what has taken its place is not worth defending:

At this point, the entire concept of “America” is dead, in terms of a cohesive, well-defined entity. Leftists have been attacking America and saying how much they hate it for decades now. Sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. And this leftist anti-American sentiment was attacked by right-wingers because “people died for that flag.”

But at this point, leftists have ripped the whole thing down completely, and the only thing that is left of America is a bunch of stuff that no one would ever want to die or have their limbs blown off for.

Writing in Chronicles, Pedro Gonzalez explains what is happening to whites:

The United States, like other Western countries, has effectively initiated against its core population a cold war that seems always to be heating up. It is a historically unprecedented self-destruction made even more perplexing because many whites are either consciously participating or indifferent to what is going on. But their fate affects the whole, and what is happening to them now is arguably congruent with the formal elements of genocide.

A recent article in American Greatness cites an example:

A West Coast doctor told journalist Katie Herzog: “I’ve heard examples of COVID-19 cases in the emergency department where providers go, ‘I’m not going to go treat that white guy, I’m going to treat the person of color instead because whatever happened to the white guy, he probably deserves it.’”

Pat Buchanan, who spent much of his career trying to save the historic American nation, is pessimistic about the prospects for America: “If all three branches of the U.S. government have lost or are losing the confidence of their countrymen, what does that suggest is the future for our democratic republic?”

The latest book from Counter Currents editor Greg Johnson is called, “The Year America Died.” He concludes that BLM/antifa riots, COVID hysteria and a possibly fraudulent presidential election officially finished off an already declining America in 2020.

These insights are not new. Instauration editor Wilmot Robertson saw 40 years ago that America was no longer our country, and that whites who supported it were dupes. This is from an article in the January 1982 issue called “A Majority Lexicon:”

Nationalism. It’s all very well to accent nationalism in a homogeneous society because then nationalism is based on race. But nationalism in a multiracial society is based on geography, history, language, assorted institutions, everything but race. Today, since we are an oppressed people in a country no longer ours, it makes no sense at all for Majority members to be nationalistic. We would simply be supporting a nation that, as far as our interests are concerned, has become a foreign nation. The American nationalist of today is by a perverse twist of history either a knowing or an unknowing internationalist.

Patriotism. A patriot is someone who loves his own country, not someone else’s. Since Majority members no longer have a country, how can they be patriots? They will, of course, be asked to be patriots because their patriotism can be used to help prop up a nation which now belongs lock, stock and barrel to the liberal-minority coalition. If they fall for this line, they will not be patriots but patsies. There was a time in America when patriotism was not the last refuge of a scoundrel, but a fundamental requisite of good citizenship. Today, patriotism is the last refuge of those Majority members stupid enough or corrupt enough to play the enemy’s game.

Such sentiments are even older. In his book Homo Americanus, Croatian writer Tomislav Sunic lists many artists, writers and philosophers — both European and American — who could accurately be called “anti-American:” Martin Heidegger, Ezra Pound, Henry James, H.L. Mencken, and T.S. Eliot. Some, such as Francis Parker Yockey, would have preferred Soviet control of all of Europe after the Second World War. Those parts the Soviets did control are now much whiter than those that were dominated by the United States. Some Western Europeans are moving to Eastern Europe to escape the American-style racial diversity that is now a feature of many formerly white nations. If American thinking spreads into Eastern Europe, those countries, too, will gradually be obliterated.

As we look to build a new America — either through separation or by using state power — we must find ways to subvert this anti-white system. Many on the Dissident Right say whites should not serve in the military or help fight a war with Russia over Ukraine.

Those of us who love our people must, as Sam Dickson says, “abjure the realm.” Our government, and the institutions that support it, are our greatest threats, and all our efforts must recognize this.

In his classic work, The Dispossessed MajorityWilmot Robertson closes by stating, “History is insistent on pointing out that when the dominant population group goes, the country goes. As is daily becoming more apparent, the dying fall of the American Majority is the dying fall of America itself.”

Robertson wrote those words 50 years ago. Whites finally seem to be waking up to the fact that they are a dispossessed people in the nation their ancestors built. It is suicide to put America first when America puts whites last.


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