March 21, 2022

Things to Know About CNC Machining Services

CNC is very famous and productive in manufacturing. CNC technology provides a variety of automatic methods for producing large volumes of high-quality components. CNC machinery processes’ high accuracy and durability make it an ideal tool for many manufacturers.  Typically, CNC machining service refers to several cutting processes that remove material from a work piece to

Identity Theft

Be on Alert for Identity Thieves during Tax Season

Identity theft occurs year-round but the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) advises taxpayers to be on heightened alert during tax season. Combating tax fraud is a high priority for the Department and works continuously to enact safeguards to protect the public from identity thieves and scammers. In recent schemes, thieves impersonate tax personnel using phone

Gas Prices

Why Is Gas So Expensive? – Rep. Paul Gosar

It’s not Putin.  It’s not Trump.  It’s not “greedy” oil companies. If you have heard those excuses you were listening to Jen Psaki or CNN, both known liars and spreaders of disinformation. Here is the truth:  In February 2020, Joe Biden said this during a Democrat presidential debate with Bernie Sanders:  “No more subsidies for fossil


Opinion: It’s Time to Increase Domestic Energy Production – Inside Sources

The bloody images of war in Ukraine are transforming our understanding of the post-Cold War order and reminding us of an important lesson: Energy policy and national security are inextricably linked. As we observe the crisis in Europe, the Biden administration would be wise to move away from damaging climate policies and toward energy independence.

Gas Prices

How high gasoline prices are affecting transportation across Phoenix – Cronkite News

Photo: Public transit fare machine The dramatic rise in fuel prices across the country has prompted ride-hailing companies to add surcharges and pushed commuters to seek more cost-effective methods of transportation. Arizona is among the top 10 most expensive markets for gas, averaging $4.62 a gallon, according to AAA data. AAA spokesperson John Treanor said

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