Elks Police and Fire Awards

Each year the Prescott Elks Lodge #330 recognizes local firefighters and law enforcement officers who have distinguished themselves within their departments. This years recipients are listed below.  These are the people that protect our lives and property.

From the Prescott Fire Department, this year’s award goes to Fire Engineer Brennan Johnstone. Fire Engineer Johnstone is a member of the Prescott Fire Department honor guard where he represents the Department and interacts with multiple agencies throughout Arizona. In that capacity he carried the Prescott Fire Department’s Granite Mountain flag at the annual event ceremony on June 30th. As an honor guard, Brennan has represented the Prescott Fire Department three times at various honor watches for fallen Fire Department and Police Department members in the local area. Most recently Firefighter Johnstone represented his department as part of the honor guard that support the on duty death of firefighter Belle in the Verde Valley.

Brennan is the hose program manager for Prescott Fire Department. He inspects and repairs or replaces all damaged hoses and other appliances. He compiles the results of testing and orders and replaces this equipment when necessary. Fire Engineer Johnstone is the main assistant and primary Engine Boss for the Wildland program where he personally goes through the Wildland trailer at the beginning and end of each season to determine capability and future needs.

Brennan promoted this year to the position of Engineer and is on pace to work 600 hours of overtime this year, helping the department fill its staffing needs. In addition, Brennan is a Paramedic on Engine 73 and has completed all the educational requisites for promotion to Captain.


From the Central Arizona Fire And Medical Authority, Firefighter Russ Smith. Russ is a true professional who excels at everything he puts his mind to. Last year Firefighter Smith was one of the instructors for the New Hire Academy where he spent many off duty days training new firefighters.

Last year Russ was recognized by his Department for his response to an off duty car accident that he and his family came upon while traveling in Northern Arizona. The local Fire Department Chief there spoke highly of Russ and was appreciative of efforts in assisting that night.

Russ and his family give back so much to the local communities while representing Central Arizona Fire. Russ and his family have been involved in the following programs: Fill the Boots, Turkey Drive, the Prescott Light Parade and helped painting Captain Fields home, as well as the 9/11 Ceremony, Patriot Run, Stuff the Bus and the Backpack Stuffing Giveaway.

As a Paramedic, Russ is noted for his great bedside manner with patients and family that may be on scene. As a firefighter, Russ can always be counted on to carry out his tasks proficiently and with concern for everyone’s safety. Russ is always looking for classes to take to better himself and better serve the citizens.

Through his hard work and dedication, Russ recently placed #1 on the engineer test. In his department, Russ is involved in training, mask fitting, Fire Pals and the Honor Guard. As an Honor Guard, Russ participates in several events during the year, most of them on his days off.

Last year, Russ helped setting up the Honor Watch coverage when a Prescott firefighter and and later a Verde Valley firefighter passed away. Thanks to Russ’s efforts in scheduling, neither firefighter was ever left alone until their internment.


From Prescott Police Department, Detective John Hanna, Jr. began his career on the Prescott Police Department in August if 2000 in the Patrol Operations Bureau. In 2008 he was assigned to Investigations. He worked several years assigned to the Partners Against Narcotic Trafficking, where he was the Lead Investigator on several high profile drug trafficking cases.

As a detective, John Hanna used his tenure and expertise as a lead investigator on numerous serious crimes, including homicides that has led to a speedy convictions of the offenders and ultimately assisted in providing closure for the victims.

Detective Hanna has been a member of the Prescott Police SWAT team since 2002. He is the Assistant Team Leader as well as the lead Breacher. John Hanna is the longest standing current SWAT Team Member. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise that he shares with the less seasoned Team members.

Detective Hanna is dedicated, self motivated, and does his job with passion, determination and drive. His positive attitude at work also shows in the fact that he is an active member the community. He provides a positive impact in this area by each year coaching youth football, baseball and wrestling.

He is a leader in the Prescott Police Department and the community. Detective Hanna exemplifies Prescott PD’s core values of Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.


From Prescott Valley Police Department Officer, Cameron Loughmiller, who has been with the Prescott Valley Police Department for the past six years. During that time Cameron has been assigned to the Patrol Division, the SWAT Team and recently to the Drug Enforcement Unit. In the last year, he has taken an interest in drug related crimes.

Cameron has taken every opportunity to work alongside officers who are more experienced in illicit drug activity and has become more comfortable and knowledgeable in enforcing drug laws. He has assisted in gathering information to support the Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking taskforce, while performing his other duties.

As a member of the SWAT Team, Cameron is currently assigned to the entry team as a grenadier. He enjoys his position with SWAT and has attended numerous advanced training classes to sharpen his skills as a member of SWAT.

Recently, Prescott Valley PD developed a new Drug Enforcement Unit. Cameron took the opportunity and tested for the position of Narcotic Detective. He was selected for that position and recently completed a two week detective school. Cameron is currently working on numerous drug investigations in Prescott Valley.

In 2020, Cameron Loughmiller was named Officer of the year, because of his hard work and dedication.


From the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chris Eller was named for his overall job performance and his efforts assisting other outside agencies. This past year Deputy Eller made thirty-three arrests while handling a total of five hundred and ninety-five calls for service of which one hundred and seven were self initiated.

Deputy Eller has recently been assigned as a full time Field Training Officer. He had made himself available as a part time training officer when needed prior to this full time assignment. He is currently a Drone Pilot, a SWAT Team Negotiator, as well as a Phlebotomist.

As a Drone Pilot, Chris Eller has been essential in a number of investigations that resulted in successful SWAT entries and other criminal cases.

Deputy Eller is an example to other Deputies because of the quality of his work and his dedication to the Communities he serves.


From The Highway Patrol, Northern Patrol Bureau, District 12, Trooper Daniel Hughart. After serving 7 years with Yavapai County Adult Probation Department, Daniel Hughart, joined the Highway Patrol in March of 2018.

In 2021, Trooper Hughart completed 912 traffic stops, which resulted in 39 arrests. 9 arrests were for Driving Under the influence and 5 were for drug offenses. He issued 233 hazardous citations, 121 non-hazardous citations, 27 restraint violation cites and conducted 17 commercial vehicle stops. Trooper Hughart investigated 43 collisions and assisted 134 stranded motorists.

Trooper Hughart also serves as a phlebotomist, and is a member of the District 12 Regional Advance Collision Team. He is a certified paramedic who spends countless hours maintaining his certification. Trooper Hughart has spent 110 hours, many on his days off, to train with the Aviation Bureau.

For the past 10 years, Daniel Hughart has volunteered with the Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team and maintains his certification in technical rope rescue and swift water rescue. In addition, he still makes it a priority to devote time to his family and enjoys watching his daughter, Harper, participate in gymnastics, basketball and swimming.

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