March 18, 2022

Community Service

Local Volunteers Celebrated AmeriCorps Week By Doing Over 65 Hours of Community Service

During the week of March 14th, Arizona Serve, an AmeriCorps program of Prescott College, is celebrating AmeriCorps Week with members and partner organizations across the Quad-City area. AmeriCorps week is a time to celebrate and thank the millions of Americans who volunteered with AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps programs over the past year. During AmeriCorps Week, programs


Camp Verde Jail Bond Fraud Suspects in Custody

A Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Detective was notified over the weekend by the online bond service used by the Yavapai County Jail that a stolen credit card was used to pay for the $15,000 bond of Kelsey Scott. The bond service informed detectives that additional attempts were made by the same individual to use stolen

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Dramatic Weeping Trees for Any Garden – Ken Lain

The branches of a weeping tree gracefully flow and draw style into your garden. Many weeping varieties have “pendulum” or “pendula” in their name, stemming from the Latin pendula, meaning “hang down.” Weeping trees cannot be propagated by simply planting seeds as the drooping habit will not carry through. This habit is usually achieved through


Opinion: Investing in Solar Factories Can Bring Energy Security – Inside Sources

The U.S. energy picture is changing before our eyes with concerns domestically and abroad that require us to re-examine our approach to energy use as a nation. And one-word comes to mind when we think about the climate and global security threats we are facing right now: urgency. Even before Russia’s attack on Ukraine, America’s

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