Prescott Launches New Survey Tool to Better Understand Public Trust and Community Priorities

The Prescott Police Department is launching a new public survey tool to better understand local concerns, attitude, and trust in their local police officers. The survey will appear to residents on their mobile devices. The tool will enable the department to understand local neighborhood issues and enhance their responsiveness to community priorities more holistically.

This latest effort builds on our increased presence in the community, to provide real dialog and feedback on what our community sees as issues for us to address together.

“Through this partnership with Zencity the Department will be able to enhance our understanding of residents’ perception of public safety in our community,” said Amy Bonney, Chief of Police for Prescott. “As we seek to build a safer, fairer city this data-driven understanding of community sentiment and priorities gives us a roadmap for continued improvement.

“Forward-thinking leaders like Chief Bonney understand that effective public safety in 2022 means building trust with the community they serve as part of an overall effort to fight crime. I applaud Chief Bonney. Zencity is proud to support the important work the Prescott Police Department is doing to better understand and prioritize the needs of its residents,” said Eyal Feder-Levy, CEO of Zencity.

The launch of the new community survey is in partnership with Zencity, a global technology company redefining community engagement to enhance the responsiveness of local governments. Zencity works with hundreds of municipalities across the U.S. including Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, and San Diego on issues ranging from public safety to American Rescue Plan Act implementation.

Beginning Friday, March 18, 2022, the survey will gather responses from Prescott residents across the entire city bi-annually.  The survey results measure the overall feeling of safety and trust while also identifying specific concerns residents want the Department to address.

Once sampling of responses has been received, the Department will create a public dashboard on its website to display the trust and sentiment expressed by residents.



3 thoughts on “Prescott Launches New Survey Tool to Better Understand Public Trust and Community Priorities”

  1. This article highlights….”working with Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego….”.
    How is that working out for the residents of those cities?
    Are they able to take walks after dinner?
    Sit on the porch?
    Have a birthday party for a six year old?
    Go shopping at the area mall?
    Data has not enabled those folks to experience “public safety” has it?
    Prescott City Council should vote to take a pass.

    1. If you read the article, you will see that it is the Prescott Police Department that will be using the tool, not the City Council. If you go to, you can see examples of how other cities have used the tool.

  2. In Chicago this past weekend, 17 shot, 3 fatally.
    122 total shooting deaths in 2022, on pace with nearly 800 in 2021.
    But data.

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