March 16, 2022

Arts & Culture

“Journeys in Spirit” Exhibit Showcases Traditional and Contemporary Native Art

“Ancient Keep” Maryhelen Ewing From May 19 through June 21, 2022, the ‘Tis Art Center and Gallery in historic downtown Prescott will present “Journeys in Spirit 2022”: Traditional and Contemporary Native Art. Produced in partnership with the Museum of Indigenous People, with additional support from the City of Prescott and the Prescott Area Arts and


Interstate 17 Improvement Project: Public Meetings announced

The Arizona Department of Transportation has scheduled two public meetings in March and April to provide information and answer questions about the upcoming Interstate 17 Improvement Project: Anthem Way to Sunset Point. We anticipate construction will begin this year and last for three years. You are invited to attend one or both of these meetings.


Opinion: Why Don’t America’s Corporations Stand Up to China? – Inside Sources

About a year ago, wrestling and Hollywood tough guy John Cena apologized for calling Taiwan a “country.” The actor who beats people up on-screen and kills them from time to time traded trash-talking for putting his tail between his legs because the Chinese Communist Party says Taiwan is part of its empire — and Hollywood values the growing Chinese

Legal Beat

Court refuses to order Arizona to pay for transgender teen’s surgery – Cronkite News

A federal appeals court has refused to order Arizona’s Medicaid program to pay for the transition surgery of a transgender teen who claimed the state’s failure to do so amounted to sex discrimination. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upheld a lower court that said the 15-year-old had not shown that male chest reconstruction surgery

John Stossel

Opinion: A Principled Politician – John Stossel

I dislike politicians. I don’t trust people who are so desperately eager to run others’ lives. But Rep. Ron Paul is different. He wants government to leave us alone. He promoted the benefits of limited government and free markets long before I’d even thought about them. I first interviewed Paul in 2007. ABC News wouldn’t

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