Hypnotically Speaking

In my last article we discussed how powerful hypnosis is for children. When I teach my Hypno-Birthing class we emphasize to the parents to develop communication with the unborn baby. We teach how babies in utero are beginning to hear at four months gestation, and ask our parents to begin a dialogue with the unborn baby. We suggest they talk to the baby, sing to the baby, read to the baby, and play with their unborn baby. Communication begins even before the baby is born.

They did studies where the parent reads Dr. Seuss’s book The Cat in the Hat every day while the baby was in utero and after the baby was born when they read The Cat in the Hat the baby would respond in a very positive way. If they read a different Dr. Seuss book there was no real response. Fathers that spoke to their unborn baby found that after the baby was born they looked to them immediately when the father spoke. Those early dialogues clearly matter!

There is a wonderful program called The Goulding Process – Sleep Talk developed by Joane Goulding. Parents that find their children out of control, misbehaving at home or school, struggling and don’t know what to do, and may be really worried about their future can use the Goulding Process – Sleep Talk to reconnect with their children, thereby reducing and overcoming their children’s challenges, negative behaviors or habits. Once learned and applied correctly, it takes only a few minutes a night and the results can be outstanding and life-changing for many families.

Their website says “Parents become empowered and deliver the process daily, learning how to give their children positive suggestion, helping them to achieve self-confidence and inner strength (it’s a second chance to undo the possible harms caused by unkind words and past experiences).” Very simply this is simply giving positive suggestion (hypnosis) to a child while they sleep. Remember, the subconscious mind is always alert because it is in charge of all bodily functions 24 hours a day. It never sleeps! This is the part of the mind where all of our programming, ideas, perceptions, and emotions are held, influencing our lives and behaviors. Our conscious mind sleeps, and while it sleeps the subconscious mind is wide open to suggestion and becomes even more alert receptive.

There are three phases to the process. The first phase is the foundation and can be learned from their books. Either their eBook, The Goulding Process – The Foundation of Sleep-Talk, or the hardcover book Sleep Talk – A Gift of Love Through Positive Parenting both by Joane Goulding. The second phase called “the bridge”, and the third phase about “specific statements” can be learned through a certified practitioner.

Joane says “Children coping with bed-wetting, for example, can be anxious, sad, and lack self-confidence. Children given the label ADHD may in fact be trying to deal with their world and their family. “They” say that sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but names can never hurt me…but we all know that names CAN hurt, and they can hurt very much.”

Learn more about The Goulding Process – Sleep talk by going to their website.three

Until next time make it a beautiful day!

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