March 13, 2022


Badgers Bounce Back To Beat Lee Williams 8-3

Photo: The day before saw a snowstorm blanket the field in Prescott, forcing the umpires to call the game with one out in the fourth inning. No information yet on when the game with Mingus will be finished. Varsity Baseball The Prescott Badgers picked up a much needed win with a road victory over the


Early Giving for Arizona Gives Day Begins March 15

Even though Arizona Gives Day officially begins April 5, early donations can start on March 15 at and count towards a nonprofit’s fundraising total for the event.  More than 1,000 Arizona nonprofits are expected to participate in the tenth annual Arizona Gives Day, a 24-hour statewide online fundraising event, from noon on Tuesday, April 5 to noon on

Buz Blog

Opinion: Stopping Crime – Buz Williams

Crime is running rampant in our city streets. Murder, carjacking, robbery, gang smash and grabs, rapes, and random acts of violence are at the highest levels in decades. Even before the leftists allowed the Antifa/BLM riots in Democrat run cities in 2020, crime was on the rise. No bail required bail reform and non-prosecuting prosecutors


HOLY COW! HISTORY: Moscow’s Major Miscalculation – Inside Sources

Russia is caught up in a horrific war. Russia’s military isn’t nearly as tough as previously thought. Russia suffers a major blow to its international prestige. Ripped from today’s headlines? Actually, they have nothing to do with Russia’s current invasion of Ukraine. They were headlines alright—in 1905! More than a century ago, Russia’s leaders made

Legal Beat

Jussie Smollett Goes to Jail

Jussie Smollett arrives to the Leighton Criminal Court House flanked by family members in advance of his sentencing hearing on March 10, 2022. (Credit Image: © Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune / TNS via ZUMA Press Wire) Hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett was sentenced on March 10 in Cook County, Illinois. The actor and

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