Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Camp Teaches Outdoor Skills for Adults

Fishing, Hunting, and rappelling classes impart self-confidence and resiliency

After two years of upheaval we have gained a few pieces of wisdom–we are loving the outdoors, cherishing time with each other, and wanting to feel confident taking care of ourselves! Sounds like summer camp, doesn’t it? But what if you’re not a kid anymore? Where does a gal learn to hunt and fish, shoot a bow or scale down a cliff? All this and more are offered at the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) camp. As our repeat participants say, “It’s like scout camp for grownups!”

BOW provides a safe space to introduce women to outdoors skills in an enjoyable, non-threatening way for the absolute beginner of any physical ability. Expert instructors provide lots of support and the three-hour long classes offer plenty of time to ask questions and try out what you learn. Classes are held during the day, and the evenings and mornings are filled with fun and entertainment like bird walks, yoga, fly tying, night fishing and presentations. No prior experience is needed, and all the equipment and materials are provided. A woman can try a new sport without buying all of the equipment.

AZ BOW is held at Friendly Pines Camp located just south of Prescott in the Bradshaw Mountains. Participants stay in rustic cabins, but there are showers and bathrooms in each cabin.  The only thing the participant needs to bring is her personal stuff, a good attitude, and a willingness to learn.

The program is sponsored by the Arizona Wildlife Federation with lots of help from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The workshop begins Friday, April 29th at noon and ends Sunday, May 1st at noon. There will be 4 sessions during the weekend with 6 choices for each one. Classes range from outdoor photography to bowhunting. Class materials, food and lodging are all included in the $350 registration fee. Space is limited.

For more information, a schedule of classes, and to register, go online at

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