March 9, 2022


Opinion: Courageous Judges Uphold Religious Liberty – Inside Sources

Over the last several weeks, courts across America have gradually and methodically reviewed — and ultimately rejected — federally imposed vaccine mandates. From President Biden’s attempted takeover of private businesses through OSHA to a requirement for federal employees to be vaccinated, courts are finally awakening from the COVID-induced fever dream that the God-given rights of

John Stossel

Opinion: Cowards and Leaders – John Stossel

Russia’s invasion revealed big differences in how politicians deal with threats. The president of Ukraine, when offered evacuation, said, “I need ammunition, not a ride.” He’s a leader. By contrast, in Canada a few weeks before, when truckers staged a protest against COVID-19 rules, the cowardly Prime Minister Justin Trudeau felt so threatened by the

Legal Beat

1st trial in Capitol riot ends in conviction on all counts

A Texas man was convicted on Tuesday of storming the U.S. Capitol with a holstered handgun, a milestone victory for federal prosecutors in the first trial among hundreds of cases arising from last year’s riot. A jury also convicted Guy Wesley Reffitt of obstructing Congress’ joint session to certify the Electoral College vote on Jan.

Legal Beat

Ghislaine Maxwell juror regrets not disclosing sex abuse

A juror told a judge Tuesday that failing to disclose his child abuse history during jury selection at the trial of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was one of the biggest mistakes of his life — but an unintentional one. “I didn’t lie in order to get on this jury,” the juror said. A U.S. judge

Ukraine Invasion

Pentagon says Poland’s jet offer for Ukraine ‘not tenable’

Photo: Two Polish Air Force Russian made MIG 29’s fly above and below two Polish Air Force U.S. made F-16’s fighter jets during the Air Show in Radom, Poland The Pentagon on Tuesday rejected Poland’s surprise announcement that it would give the United States its MiG-29 fighter jets for use by Ukraine, a rare display

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