March 4, 2022

Sharlot Hall Museum

Toy-Tastic Day Camp Kicks Off Museum’s 2022 Camps

Board games, hobby horses, and more—just a few of the historically-inspired toys that kids will get to craft for themselves at “Toy-Tastic”, the Sharlot Hall Museum’s first day camp of the year, happening March 16-18. Registration is open, with a few spots left for interested young toymakers. The camp focuses on introducing kids ages 9-12


2nd Annual AmeriCorps Week Toiletry Drive for Local Homeless Veterans and Shelters

During the entire month of March, Arizona Serve, an AmeriCorps program of Prescott College, is seeking community support for their 2nd Annual AmeriCorps Week Toiletry Drive benefitting the local homeless in the Tri-City area. All donations can be dropped off at the Arizona Serve offices at 308 Grove Avenue, in Prescott. “We were blown away


Opinion: NFL’s Messy Diversity Game – Inside Sources

Does the NFL show too much respect to black players? The answer depends, at least partially, on your party alignment. Generally speaking, Republicans say yes. And, generally speaking, Democrats say no. That’s according to a new Los Angeles Times/Survey Monkey poll, released during Super Bowl week. Even the NFL can be polarizing these days. The

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

A Healthy Evergreen Anyone Can Grow – Ken Lain

Photo: Garden Sanders has over 69 different herbs in the gardens, Rosemary is a favorite. Its Latin name, Rosmarinus officinalis, means ‘dew of the sea,’ most associated with healthy Mediterranean cooking. Imagine tumbling Rosemary growing over a wall and spreading across a desert rock lawn. Ideally, this rugged mountain gem is planted over garden walls,

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: Is a Russia-NATO Clash Over Ukraine Ahead? – Pat Buchanan

When Hungarian rebels arose in 1956 to overthrow the Communist regime imposed by Joseph Stalin, President Dwight Eisenhower refused to send U.S. forces to aid the Hungarians. Ike would not take America to war with Russia over a small country in Central Europe. While the Hungarians were heroic and inspirational, Hungary was neither a member

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