Today: September 27, 2023 10:40 am

Congressman Gosar Takes Steps to Further Protect Americans from Mandates

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I have opposed the onslaught of mandates forcing vaccinations, businesses to close, classrooms shutdown and the masking of our children. Sadly, Joe Biden and the socialists in Congress wake up every day considering additional mandates, more ways to interfere with your life and expanding the size of the federal government.

In response, this week I joined the Freedom to Fly Maskless Act, legislation that would prohibit the government from mandating masks, negative COVID-19 tests, and vaccinations in order to ride public transportation or take domestic flights. Congress never passed a law requiring masks, COVID tests or a vaccine in order fly on a commercial aircraft.

Democrats’ hypocrisy knows no boundaries.  Despite their efforts to remove voter ID requirements to vote, many citizens are rightfully concerned that some politicians will push to impose vaccine passports to vote.  Americans are sick and tired of having their constitutional liberties trampled on all for the sake of COVID-19.  This week, I cosponsored the Securing Enfranchisement and the Rights of Voters Regardless of Inoculation Status (SERVIS) Act prohibiting the requirement of vaccine passports and masks to vote.  This common-sense legislation would ensure citizens are not denied their constitutional right to the ballot box.

This week I also cosponsored the Stop Federal Vaccine Mandates for Employees Act clarifying that OSHA does not have any authority to mandate vaccines for private employees.

The viral spread is diminishing and it’s time to return to our normal lives. These mandates are ridiculous and need to end!

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