February 28, 2022

Law Enforcement

Town of Prescott Valley Chooses Bob Ticer as Next Police Chief

Prescott Valley Town Manager Gilbert Davidson announced Monday that the Town has chosen former Arizona Department of Public Safety Commander and Loveland, Colorado Police Chief Bob Ticer as its new Chief of Police. Davidson also announced that current Acting Chief Jeremy Martin will be promoted to Commander. Ticer is expected to be on board on

Emergency Services

Rollover Accident on Highway 89, north of the Dells

On Sunday morning, February 27th, at about 10:45 AM Prescott Regional Communications Center started to receive multiple 911 calls about a car accident that occurred on highway 89 just north of the Dells in Prescott. When the initial Prescott Fire engine arrived on scene, they found a two vehicle accident one of which was a

Vaccine mandates

Congressman Gosar Takes Steps to Further Protect Americans from Mandates

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I have opposed the onslaught of mandates forcing vaccinations, businesses to close, classrooms shutdown and the masking of our children. Sadly, Joe Biden and the socialists in Congress wake up every day considering additional mandates, more ways to interfere with your life and expanding the size of the federal government. In response,

Climate Change

New study shows that Earth’s coldest forests are shifting northward with climate change

Photo: Human interaction in the boreal forest in northern Finland New research from Northern Arizona University shows rising temperatures are causing Earth’s coldest forests to shift northward, raising concerns about biodiversity, an increased risk of wildfires and mounting impacts of climate change on northern communities. Logan Berner, assistant research professor in the School of Informatics,

Hypnotically Speaking

Hypnotically Speaking

I’m often asked if children can benefit from hypnosis. The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, prior to the age of seven, children are in a constant state of hypnosis and absorb everything around them. They are watching and learning from their family and environment– just about everything they come in contact with. Their

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