February 24, 2022


Priceless Prom Project needs donations

The Priceless Prom Project is currently collecting donations to provide students in need with free prom attire. Tri-City College Prep is leading this year’s event. At this time, donations of gently used formal dresses, women’s dress shoes, purses, jewelry, suits, tuxedos, and men’s dress shoes are needed. Collection of donated items will continue throughout March.


House Approves Representative Weninger’s Bill Providing Tax Clarity on Cryptocurrency & NFT Transactions

The Arizona House of Representatives today passed HB 2204, legislation sponsored by State Representative Jeff Weninger that will provide state tax clarity on certain transactions involving virtual currencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). “Virtual currencies and NFTs are going to transform everything that we know in the next ten years,” said Representative Weninger. “The State of Arizona should lead


Opinion: The Democrats’ Frantic Delusion on Forever Chemicals – Inside Sources

Americans are facing higher prices on nearly everything they use from food to common household products. Instead of looking for solutions, Democrats are about to make things worse by banning a class of chemicals used in manufacturing that make products better and cheaper. In other words, pay attention, consumers. You’re about to get less bang

Michelle Malkin

Opinion: Thank You, Tom Tancredo – Michelle Malkin

Tom Tancredo is fighting cancer. If you are a believer in God and country, please join me in prayer for a dear friend, mentor and patriot. While I cannot offer any comfort from his physical pain and suffering, I will do what I can with my words to lift up his indomitable spirit. Three modern

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