January Apprehensions Show No Slowing of Biden’s Border Crisis – Rep. Paul Gosar

A new year and Joe Biden’s open border polices have made the crisis along our southern border worse. For the eleventh straight month, more than 150,000 lawbreakers were apprehended, processed and escorted into the United States with the idea that they will remain here as long as they want. Tens of thousands escaped without detection into our country. This is the worst January in twenty years. Along with illegal aliens comes more crime and more deadly drugs, including over 830 pounds of fentanyl seized in January. All across the country, from Arizona, Texas to Washington, DC, violent crime caused by illegal immigrants is on the rise. Yet again, Mr. Biden is nowhere to be found.  He’s more concerned with the border in Ukraine than our own damn border with Mexico. Arizona should immediately deploy the National Guard and all necessary state law enforcement to seal the border, enforce the immigration laws and send these illegal alien criminals back.

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