February 21, 2022

Tech To Learn To Become A Chemical Engineer

Do you want to become a chemical engineer? It’s a fascinating branch of science to get into; it is focused on how chemicals can be used to create other products and what chemical production can do within the wider bounds of the world, medicine, and even the economy. There are many different ways you can


OneAZ Community Foundation Welcomes Applications for Community Impact Grants

OneAZ Credit Union and the OneAZ Community Foundation has opened the application process for the 2022 Community Impact Grants. This year, $5,000 will be awarded to 50 nonprofit organizations that positively impact communities served by OneAZ. This represents more than double the amounts awarded in 2021. “We are proud to announce that this year we’ll

City of Prescott

City of Prescott Presidents’ Day schedule

In observance of Presidents’ Day on Monday, February 21, City offices and Prescott Public Library will be closed, and some services will be affected.  Solid waste services including trash collection and the transfer station will be operating.  Here are some details:  Schedule for City of Prescott Offices The City of Prescott offices will be closed


January Apprehensions Show No Slowing of Biden’s Border Crisis – Rep. Paul Gosar

A new year and Joe Biden’s open border polices have made the crisis along our southern border worse. For the eleventh straight month, more than 150,000 lawbreakers were apprehended, processed and escorted into the United States with the idea that they will remain here as long as they want. Tens of thousands escaped without detection into our country. This is


Aspen the question: What is killing the trees? – NAU

When you envision the fall colors in Flagstaff, are you imagining a beautiful grove of aspens with their yellow-ish orange leaves, dancing in the wind? Aspens and other deciduous trees are an autumn staple—generating tourism revenue, Instagram-worthy content and important biodiversity. They are a considered a keystone species in the conifer-dominated western U.S. and the

Career Colleges

Fed Rules on For-Profit Colleges Could Hurt Economy, Veterans – Inside Sources

You don’t have to agree with their politics to get the message protesting truckers sent across the border from Canada: The economy depends on truck drivers. And America just doesn’t have enough of them. According to the American Trucking Association, the nation is currently short by about 80,000 drivers. Across America, businesses like the HDS

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