February 20, 2022

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Opinion: Truckers Leading The Way To Freedom

There is a rebellion that is occurring over a number of countries in the world. Enormous numbers of people all over the world are protesting lock downs, mandatory masks, vaccines and the erosion of their rights by power grabbing governments, elites, bureaucrats and politicians. These tyrants have used the fear of the COVID virus to

U.S. Domestic spending plan

White House spending targets social justice; criteria vague

This once-bustling city in northern Arizona has a troubled relationship with rain. Winslow needs it, but just a little can overwhelm a levee system that officials have pleaded with the federal government for years to fix. Local officials believe a push from the Biden administration to fund projects that help disadvantaged communities gave them an


Dems, GOP set inflation, COVID mandates as election themes

Democrats and Republicans each want to flash election-year signals that they are riding to the rescue of families struggling with rising costs and the 2-year-old coronavirus pandemic. Not surprisingly, the parties differ over how to do that. And in comments and votes in the Senate last week, each side fleshed out themes it will use


EU chief: Russia could be cut off from markets, tech goods

Moscow would have its access to financial markets and high-tech goods limited under Western sanctions being prepared in case Russia attacks Ukraine, a top European Union official said Saturday. The comments from Ursula von der Leyen, head of the EU’s Executive Commission, came as tensions over Russia’s intentions toward Ukraine intensified. U.S. President Joe Biden

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