Opinion: Truckers Leading The Way To Freedom

There is a rebellion that is occurring over a number of countries in the world. Enormous numbers of people all over the world are protesting lock downs, mandatory masks, vaccines and the erosion of their rights by power grabbing governments, elites, bureaucrats and politicians. These tyrants have used the fear of the COVID virus to snatch away individuals’ rights of free speech, religion, to assemble and to run one’s business in a profitable way.

It’s taken too long, but people have started to see that the onerous rules placed upon the people of our country and the world were contradictory, counterproductive, illogical and geared toward making more money for big businesses, big Pharma and big tech. The left wing media aided and abetted in ramping up the fear. Folks started to wonder why they couldn’t congregate in churches, bars, gyms, sporting events and concerts, while the government and the press gave a pass in 2020 to those who wanted to protest and riot against “systemic racism”.

It sure seemed like crony capitalism when local gyms, bakeries, restaurants and other small businesses had to close down, while Walmart, Amazon, big Pharma and other big Tech companies were deemed “essential” and allowed to earn all the profits, a great percentage of which were purloined from the small businesses that were forced to close down.

The hypocrisy of the mask mandates was on view for anyone watching the government officials, from Nancy Pelosi to Gavin Newsom and the mayors of Chicago, San Francisco and LA, went without masks at events and locations where they were supposed to be wearing masks. With or without masks, it was clear for all to see that these elites really were “two faced”.

Although the legacy mainstream media doesn’t show it, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of anti-mandate protesters in Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as well as here. People all over the world are getting sick and tired of lies, masks, mandates and tyranny.

Populations everywhere are seeing through the government’s illogical and specious arguments. The vaccines were supposed to protect the vaccinated from the virus, yet fully vaxed and boosted people are still getting the virus. Where is the logic when you have to wear a mask while entering a restaurant, but you can take it off when you sit at a table? You can’t get the virus while seated? It was as if the despotic governments wanted to see how many stupid things they could get people to do before they rebelled.

That rebellion has started, as witnessed by popular protests all over the world. None of the protests is more visible than that of the Canadian Truckers, God love ’em. For two years, these everyday heroes did their job and kept Canadians supplied with food, gas and other necessities. They were quite rightly deemed to be “essential workers”.

Then in January, the effete, effeminate, wimpy sissy who is supposed to be the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, essentially declared truckers crossing the boarder to be non-essential. This meant that even though 90% of them were vaccinated, they had to quarantine for ten days or so, after crossing the border into Canada from the US. This would cost them a payday or two. That and the general public’s frustration with lock downs, masks and mandates is what precipitated the Trucker’s Freedom protest. It is rumored, and most people believe, that American truckers will follow suit.

Let’s Go Brandon. Truck Trudeau (and Joe Biden). 


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    1. George, I put “systemic racism” in quotes because it is a made up statement. The people who use the term, never give examples because it sounds like a real phenomenon, but like a lot of things spewing from the far out left, it doesn’t mean anything.

  1. Well said, Mr. Williams.

    It’s rumored a similar Freedom Convoy will leave Barstow, CA with two stops in Arizona, presumably Kingman and Flagstaff. Hope so.

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