Town of Prescott Valley Opposes Proposed Sand and Gravel Operation Adjacent to Fain Park

The Town of Prescott Valley has expressed opposition to a proposed sand and gravel operation in two parcels immediately adjacent to Fain Park and StoneRidge Drive. Both parcels, owned by the Fain Family Limited Partnership, are in unincorporated Yavapai County.

The Town will not reissue a prior right-of-way permit that would have allowed transporting materials mined from the parcels across Town rights-of-way (including portions of Fain Park) for crushing and other processing. Fain Park is an important community asset, and the Town will take appropriate and necessary steps to protect this area, which includes the Fitzmaurice Ruins.

The Prescott Valley Town Council recently adopted a new Strategic Plan that emphasizes parks and open space development, expanded trails, well-planned residential areas, and economic opportunity. The Town is confident that it can mutually work with the Fain family toward additional enhancement of Fain Park that will better showcase the significant recreational and cultural assets of the area for the overall benefit of the citizens.

Mayor Kell Palguta said the Town has had a long-term relationship with the Fain family that it desires to continue. “We have enjoyed this partnership on many projects through the years, and we hope to do so in the future,” he said. “This project, however, is not in the best interests of our community.”

The Town will continue to update the community on any new developments regarding this proposal.

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