Opinion: Is Biden on the Way Out?

The Freedom Of Information Act, (FOIA) requires the government to respond to the requests within 20 days, but that rarely happens. The government really doesn’t want the transparency that this act was supposed to allow, so Congress never funds it appropriately and the agencies never provide enough personnel to address FOIA requests in a timely fashion. As a result, many businesses, individuals and media outlets wind up going to court to get the information requested.

While my wife and I were RVing at Lake Havasu, she reminded me of a prediction I made a few months before. I had said the if, or when, the mainstream media started attacking President Biden, his days as president would be numbered. When the media arm of the Democrat Party starts reporting on the obvious failures and corruptions of a Democrat President, you can start taking bets on how many months he has left in office.

Then we saw on the news that reporters from the New York Times were suing to obtain documents about Hunter Biden’s business dealing in Romania. Months ago, they had requested the information and hadn’t received an answer, so now they have initiated legal proceedings. If the left wing New York Times is trying to obtain information on the so obviously crooked Hunter Biden, then it would appear that the reporters are trying to get the facts about his influence peddling for his father. Hopefully this is just the opening salvo of reporting that will bring down this incompetent, corrupt presidency.

This leads to all kinds of political speculation. Many a pundit have stated the Biden’s pick of Kamala Harris as Vice President, was his move to guard against his impeachment, should the powers behind him decide that he was no longer useful in implementing their agenda. With Harris’s poll numbers below Biden’s, that sounds logical. If Biden is impeached, what could happen?

The first scenario would go something like this: the Republicans win the House and the Senate and start impeachment proceedings. If the press starts publicizing all of Joe and Hunter’s influence peddling schemes, chances are there would be enough Democrats who would vote with the Republicans to impeach.

Kamala would become president. She could be impeached, also, for a variety of reasons, not the least would be her failure to enforce immigration laws. Then the Speaker of the House would become President. That would be a Republican if they win the election in November.

The absolutely worst case scenario would be if Biden and his handlers see a bi-partisan impeachment coming before the November election. They convince Joe to appoint Harris to the Supreme Court. Assuming that she could get confirmed, (a pretty big assumption), Biden would then appoint Hilary Clinton as his Vice President. The puppet masters controlling Joe would figure that Hilary would have a much better chance to win the 2024 election than Biden would.

Considering the mortality rate of people who get in the way of Clinton’s ambition, if Joe had any cognitive sense left, he would resign immediately. It is hard to imagine Hilary wasting two years as Vice President when full presidential power is only brain aneurysm or a fall down the White House stairs away. At any rate, it looks like Joe Biden’s Presidency may not last the full four year term.


3 thoughts on “Opinion: Is Biden on the Way Out?”

  1. Oh My! Mr. Williams appears to be living in a fantasyland. Sad! FYI, I support no political party, I don’t care about all the pointless bickering that goes on between the parties. But, this appears to be wishful thinking on the part of Mr. Williams.

    1. Wait and see. My prognostication may not be exactly what happens, but old Joe won’t last in office his whole term.

  2. Mr Williams, I will wait and see, I know it might make you feel better to think that might happen but getting double digit Democrat votes twice to impeach the President and then the next president, is fantasyland. You have not even stated specific charges on which they would be impeached. I believe President Biden will last his four years if he lasts 4 years.

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