Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum – Meet Your 2022 Candidates!

Judy Burges – LD1 Candidate for Arizona State House of Representatives

I like to call myself a true unapologetic “Constitutional Conservative” throughout my fifteen years of service in the legislature.  I am a “We the People” Christian candidate that has a proven history supporting Constitutional freedoms such as: the 2nd Amendment, less government, lower taxes, border security, State sovereignty, free speech, school choice, pro-family values, and one’s right-to-life.

I have chaired, vice chaired or been a member of every committee with the exception of education.

Looking forward to returning to the House of Representatives where I started in 2005.  Except, there is a lot more experience to draw from when it comes to issues.

This has been a very interesting year and more than ever it is essential to elect an individual who cannot be bought and works shoulder to shoulder with her constituents.  We must push back against this federal government who has threatened every aspect of our culture as we know it.  If we fail, our way of life will no longer exist as we know it.

Kimberly Yee – Candidate for Re-election as State Treasurer

First Chinese American Republican Woman Elected to Statewide Office in U.S. History

2016 Republican National Convention Speaker, Cleveland, Ohio

Former Arizona Senate Republican Majority Leader

First Asian American Woman Elected to the Arizona Legislature

First Asian American Woman Elected to Statewide Office in Arizona

Highest Ranking Statewide Elected Republican Woman in Arizona

As State Treasurer, Kimberly Yee oversees the cash management of Arizona’s $40 billion state budget and payments to agencies, local governments and schools. Upon taking office in January 2019, assets under management were at $15.4 billion. Today, assets under management stand at $25 billion, an increase of over 60 percent in two years. Treasurer Yee led the effort to pass a state law requiring students to have financial education in high school before graduation, and was the first State Treasurer to visit all 15 counties in Arizona during the first year of her administration.

Born and raised in Arizona, Treasurer Kimberly Yee is the first Chinese American Republican woman to win a major statewide office in the history of the United States. As Treasurer, Kimberly Yee is currently the highest ranking statewide elected Republican woman in Arizona.

In the Arizona Legislature, Kimberly served as Senate Republican Majority Leader and became the second woman elected to this position in Arizona’s history, following U.S. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who served the position in 1973, forty-four years earlier.

In 2016, she was a featured, onstage speaker during the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2014, she was nationally recognized as a “Rising Star” by the Republican National Committee. She most recently served nationally as a Co-Chairwoman of the Asian Pacific Americans for Trump Coalition and as a Member of the Pro-Life Voices for Trump Coalition. Treasurer Yee was recently featured in television commercials on the “No on 208” ballot initiative in efforts to oppose the largest tax increase in Arizona history.

Treasurer Yee has been named one of the nation’s “25 Most Influential Women in State Politics” by Congressional Quarterly’s Roll Call. She is a founding member of the National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus of the Susan B. Anthony List. She is a past recipient of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Legislator of the Year award.

Prior to elected office, she worked in the administrations of two Republican governors Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and worked for former Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin.

Kimberly Yee is a graduate of Pepperdine University where she earned degrees in English and Political Science. She holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from Arizona State University, where she was a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

Kimberly is married with two young children and is active in her church and community. She is a candidate for Re-election for State Treasurer. Her campaign website is


Bob Lettieri – Candidate for Arizona State Treasurer

Bob Lettieri is running for Treasurer of Arizona. After four years serving as your AZ GOP Treasurer, achieving significant turnaround in FEC compliance, accountability, transparency and integrity in reporting and business operations, Bob Lettieri has earned the trust of fellow Republicans across Arizona.

Elected Treasurer of the Party in January 2017, Bob served with distinction under both the Lines Chairmanship and the first term of Kelli Ward’s Chairmanship. He successfully negotiated settling fines and sanctions the State Party faced with the Federal Elections Commission, stemming from the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. Bob was so successful as Treasurer that he ran unopposed for his second term in 2019.

In addition to his work at the AZ GOP, Bob has served as a panelist with The Madison Coalition, a conservative advocacy group headquartered in Washington D.C. He was instrumental in getting all of Arizona’s Republican Congressman to cosponsor the  Keep Nine constitutional amendment, which says simply: “The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine Justices.”

Bob Is an experienced financial executive. The treasurer is responsible for investing your money and for the safekeeping of all securities acquired by the treasurer under this section. My background and experience fit directly into this requirement.

· One of the benchmarks of my career is raising over $100 million in the capital markets. Some of these funding’s required me to invest the bulk of the money with major banks that offer trust fund management. Before the decision to invest was made I presented to the Board of Directs several options of investments that assured to the highest degree safety and liquidity of the investor’s money.

Bob has chosen to run for Arizona State Treasurer as a Clean Election Candidate believing that $5 contributions represents the choice of We The People.

Bob is a lifelong Conservative Republican who believes that low taxes and minimal government intervention equals a strong economy. He relocated to Arizona in 1979 and received his MBA from Arizona State University in 1981.

Bob’s campaign website is:

Blake Masters – Candidate for US Senate

Blake Masters grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He attended Stanford University and Stanford Law School. Blake runs Thiel Capital, a multi-billion dollar firm that invests in new technology companies, and the Thiel Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that promotes science and innovation. In 2014, Blake co-authored the #1 New York Times bestseller Zero to One, which sold more than three million copies.

Blake lives in Tucson—a short drive from where he and his wife Catherine grew up. They homeschool their three sons, Miles, Graham, and Rex, and they enjoy hiking in the desert.

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