Geology Talks: Making a Living in Petrography – Prescott Public Library

Geology Talks: Making a Living in Petrography, Tuesday, February 8 at 6pm

John Fox is senior petrographer at Prescott Petrographics serving clients with petrographic analysis of concrete, aggregate, and powders in the construction industry. He will be discussing his career in geology and petrography, the study of microscopic properties of rocks and minerals.

John Fox holds a Master’s of Science in Geology from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Earth Science from Southern Illinois University. John’s career experience includes work in geology, mineralogy, petrography, and X-ray diffraction.

This is an in-person presentation with a Zoom option. Registration required to attend on Zoom. Meeting rooms will have limited capacity. Staff will be wearing masks and face coverings for attendees are strongly advised.

Geology Talks are in partnership with ​GEM Environmental and presented with funding from the Friends of the Prescott Public Library.

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