Opinion: Truth Wins

“It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error.

It is better to stand alone with the truth, than to be wrong with a multitude.” – Adrian Rogers

More and more these days we hear about how divided our country is. It’s true. On every side of the political spectrum this division has been noted. Many times one hears that we are more divided now than at any time since the Civil War. The fact that many on the so-called progressive side in the media and in politics are more than a little responsible for this divide, doesn’t seem to have caused them any embarrassment. What other results could they expect?

When you categorize people into victims and oppressors and do so by race, ethnicity, sex and sexual preference, division and antagonism between these groups is what you get. It seems like almost every social issue or problem we have can be attributed to the victimhood agenda that has been pushed by progressives and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media.

If someone points to the fact that the disintegration of the family is the cause of higher crime rates in minority neighborhoods, the left pundits, politicians and media will loudly proclaim that person is a racist. As a matter of course, any Caucasian who comments on practically any issue is dismissed as not understanding because of “White privilege.” (The sagacious Dennis Prager has accurately pointed out that there is no such thing as White privilege, only two parent privilege.) Study after study shows that children from two parent families are less likely to enter the criminal justice system. They are more likely to do better and go farther in school. Children from two parent households are more likely to be well adjusted psychologically, and less likely to use addictive drugs. If an individual points out the above facts, he will be accused of attacking overburdened single mothers or fathers.

When it is pointed out that it is asinine to cater to the way less than 1% of the population who are transgender, (especially when allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports), it is deemed to be “trans-phobic” by the elite.

The leftist criticisms on opinions based on facts and logic are attempts to stifle any debate. Instead of answering reasoned arguments, it is much easier to claim that these ideas are racist, sexist, homophobic or any other pejorative. It doesn’t matter. One can’t exchange ideas when the opposing side’s only argument is to engage in name calling.

Conservatives need to dismiss the name calling and keep pointing out the absurdities of the leftists’ policies and ideas. The progressives are mistakenly counting on the emotional response of voters to their claims of racism, sexism, etc. A growing number of voters, however, are reacting to facts and logic as evidenced by the elections last year in Virginia and New Jersey. Parents are fighting back against the leftist policy of not allowing parental input in their children’s education. Many are objecting to apparent unconstitutional, never ending mask and vaccine mandates. Citizens are rebelling against radical left district attorneys and policies that have caused an enormous spike in both violent and property crime.

When we see this eye opening shift in polls toward logic and reason, we can see that truth will win in the end