January 27, 2022

Michelle Malkin

Opinion – #FreeMartyG: Exposing America’s Secret Prisons – Michelle Malkin

Marty Gottesfeld, 37, is an American political prisoner. There’s just no other way to describe the self-taught, nonviolent techie/medical freedom activist now locked away in solitary confinement at a secret federal detention facility in Marion, Illinois — after being transferred this month from a different secret center in Terre Haute, Indiana. Both are known as

Legal Beat

Justice Breyer to retire, giving Biden first court pick

Longtime liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring, numerous sources said Wednesday, giving President Joe Biden his first high court opening, which he has pledged to fill with the historic naming of the court’s first Black woman. Breyer, 83, has been a pragmatic force on a court that has grown increasingly conservative, trying to


Fed plans to raise rates starting in March to cool inflation

The Federal Reserve signaled Wednesday that it will begin a series of interest-rate hikes in March, reversing pandemic-era policies that have fueled hiring and growth — and stock market gains — but also stubbornly high inflation. Chair Jerome Powell said at a news conference that inflation has gotten “slightly worse” since the Fed last met


Indigenous town in Mexico survives on remittances from US

In Comachuen, a Purepecha Indigenous community of about 10,000 inhabitants nestled high in the pine-clad mountains of the western state of Michoacan, the whole town survives because of the money sent home by migrants working in the United States. That money, known as remittances, kept families fed after local woodworking sales dropped off a decade

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