Opinion: Sophistry, Fallacy and Emotionalism

Conservatives are definitely making a political comeback. In this year’s midterm Congressional elections, the voters appear

ready to throw out leftist Democrats. Many Democrat Representatives are seeing the writing on the wall and are not running for

reelection. It even looks like Republicans will retake a majority in the Senate. This will happen if we can minimize voter fraud.

There are many reasons for this seismic shift. The unpopularity of President Biden’s policies have caused inflation and empty shelves in our markets. Since Biden canceled pipelines and restricted new drilling, not only have our fuel prices greatly increased, we are no longer energy independent. Biden’s Justice Department is investigating parents who protest asinine, racist, anti American, pro deviant classes at their school board meetings. Attorney General Garland has labeled these parents as possible “domestic terrorists.”

In addition, the President is losing so much support because he appears to be a bumbling, incoherent demagogue. Every day, he makes a new gaff. Whether it is referring to his VP, Kamala Harris, as “President Harris” or saying such things as an electric car can go across the whole country on one tank of gas, the public is realizing that Biden is not all there. Worse, many of us see him as by-passing the democratic process by decreeing mask and vaccine mandates. The abysmal withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan certainly added to his unpopularity.

Beyond all of the above, Americans are starting to realize that the leftist, so-called progressives, do not have any viable arguments. If they did, they would engage in debate. They won’t debate, though. They really don’t have to worry about the corporate press, because they seldom ask them any pertinent, consequential questions. When one of the Democrats are asked such inquiries, they are caught off guard and start a moon walk dance that would put Michael Jackson to shame.

In response to opposing conservative views expressed on social media or press coverage, these extremists don’t respond with a logical, direct reply or counter argument. They answer with sophistry and emotionalism. If one points to the fact that Democrat run cities are experiencing a tsunami of crime, the progressives will state that those cities have predominantly minority populations. Therefore, if you point out the spiraling crime rate, you are a racist.

If you oppose President Biden’s and the Democrat’s voting rights bill because you think that it is a prescription for voter fraud, he tells everyone that you favor Jefferson Davis over Abe Lincoln, Bull Conner over Martin Luther King. You are, by extension, a racist, a white supremacist and a possible domestic terrorist. (Forget the fact that Jeff Davis and Bull Conner were Democrats.)

In reality, when one side of the political spectrum refuses to debate and resorts to calling the opposing side names, they have no legitimate, sensible, defensible reasoning for their positions. They have no choice but to stoop to name calling. Their only hope is to cater to the emotions of the ill or uninformed.

When this happens, the patriots are winning the minds and the votes of this country’s citizens. 

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