January 21, 2022

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

6 Insider Tips for Healthier Winter Houseplants – Ken Lain

Your houseplants aren’t immune to life-threatening challenges in winter, even though they live in your temperature-controlled climate. Indoor plants are affected by temperature fluctuation from daytime heat to evening chill, dry air, short days, and light deprivation. Your houseplants need help to thrive through the chillier months of winter. Here are my insider tips for


BREAKING: Arizona Adds 400,000 Jobs Since 2015

Grand Canyon State Hits 14-Year Unemployment Rate Low Governor Doug Ducey announced Arizona’s booming economy has added more than 400,000 new jobs since 2015 and the state’s unemployment rate has plummeted to 4.1 percent — the lowest since December 2007. Speaking at a groundbreaking event for Sunlit Chemical in Phoenix, Governor Ducey announced the state’s


No End in Sight for L.A. Train Cargo Thefts

The shocking images of railroad tracks scattered with torn cardboard and slashed shipping containers left behind by freight rail thieves are likely to continue, experts say, thanks to an increase in criminals using new technology and a decline in enforcement. Over the past year, Union Pacific has seen a 160 percent increase in thefts of

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: By the Numbers, a Failing President – Pat Buchanan

If the left believed that draping the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021, around the neck of former President Donald Trump and the party that refused to repudiate him would sink the GOP, it appears to have miscalculated. For, as the left painted the Capitol riot as an “armed insurrection,” “domestic terrorism,” “attempted coup,” and

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