Prescott Talks: Interview with Kara Woods, Part 2

David McNabb, guest host of Prescott Talks, continues his interview with Kara Woods, candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona.


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  1. In general, I agree with Kara’s ideas concerning teaching civics that emphasize true American values. However, I would also caution against teaching simplistic, sanitized or whitewashed versions of American government and history. I believe that in order for the students to be educated in the reality of the way that our government truly works they need to be exposed to American history, warts and all.

    Government corruption, bloated bureaucracies, political machines, election fraud, and quid pro quo (pay to play) are part of American history and are just some of the topics that should be presented to students. Also, students should be taught about propaganda and how various media sources present biased viewpoints to indoctrinate their consumers (See Buz Williams article: “Keep Informed”,

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