How To Play Smart At Live Dealer Games


The world of online gambling may seem pretty overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out. You have millions of options to choose from these days and with just a few clicks, you can be transported to a whole new world of online casinos and games. 

Live dealer games are considered to be a new addition to online casino sites and there are still many things that one may not know about regardless of their experience level. This new development brings the best of land-based and online casino worlds to players all around the world, which has undoubtedly resulted in their surge in popularity over the last decade. This article will cover what exactly live dealer games are, how they work, and things that you should look out for!

What Exactly are Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games are actually more straightforward than they seem. Typically, online casino sites use computerized dealers who use interfaces that only show the cards to the players. These interfaces limit players to only seeing a computer-generated sequence of movement of the cards which makes the game fast-paced and efficient. 

On the contrary, a bunch of live dealer games try to replicate the physical casinos, where a dealer is present to shuffle and give out the cards by hand. Although it may be slower to have a live dealer in the game compared to just having a computer-generated sequence, the similarity to having a social connection in real life appealed to many players. Today, the advancement and increased affordability of technology have allowed more people to access and eventually appreciate online casino games with a live dealer option. 

How Do Live Dealer Casino Games Work?

To get started, a new player should first find a legitimate and licensed online casino that offers a live dealer option. Spend some time doing your research –– read the reviews left by other players and get some recommendations from people with more experience, they’d know the best sites to play at!


Once you have chosen an online casino, register a new account and make your first deposit. In the lobby interface of the casino site, select the option for live casino. All the games in this tab will have a live dealer instead of the typical computer-generated sequences. Select your game preferences accordingly and choose your dealer.


While it may never be the same as physical casinos in real life, the presence of a live dealer makes the game more interactive which could be something that players prefer. Whilst you can’t speak directly to the dealer, they can communicate with you, and direct you to place bets by integrating them in the table window. 


The games with a live dealer are definitely slower. You may not be the only one at the table, depending on the game you’ve chosen. Hence, you’ll have to wait for everyone to place their bets before the dealer can spin the wheel. Once the hand is complete, the winners will be credited, and you’ll receive an automatic balance that reflects the outcome of the game. 


Choosing Live Dealer Casino Games

While live dealer casino games are relatively new to the world of online gambling, they are becoming increasingly popular amongst players in recent years. To make sure that your online gambling experience with a live dealer goes as smoothly as possible, here are three things that you should take note of.

Type of Software 

The software here refers to the interface of the casino and the content within the casino site. A casino site with good software would be one that offers a huge range of games with acceptable quality. Casino sites that offer live dealer casino games are automatically moved up the rankings as advanced technology and coding are required to make them work. Hence, if possible, choose a casino site that offers live dealer casino games.

Casino Bonuses

Most, if not all casino sites offer their players bonuses. There are many different types of bonuses available but their main purpose is to incentivize players to be loyal to one casino site and attract new players to do the same. Live dealer games or not, attaining bonuses is a good way to make your online gambling experience fun and interesting. It also helps you to make every dollar you spent count. 

Welcome Bonus

For new players, the welcome casino bonus is one that you should look out for and compare across different sites. Upon registration, some casino sites will offer you some credits or free spins to get you started even without having you deposit any money. However, you will have to meet certain requirements before you are allowed to claim any winnings.


If you were to deposit some money for the first time upon registration, some casino sites also offer a deposit welcome bonus. This usually comes in the form of rates and percentages. For example, if a casino site offers a 100% deposit welcome bonus, depositing a hundred dollars will be matched by another hundred dollars automatically by the casino site. 


There are tons of other casino bonuses available that deserve a whole article for themselves. In short, do your research first and read the terms and conditions as there are no two casino sites with the same exact bonuses.

Support and Customer Service

Having a reliable customer service support system is extremely crucial for all players regardless of their level of experience. If there were to be any issues, especially those concerning your money, you would definitely want a solid support system provided by the casino site. So, before you invest all your money in one site, try reaching out to the casino site’s customer service to see if and how they respond. Additionally, you should read through reviews posted by other players or reputable gambling blog sites to help you make a more informed decision.


Live dealer games are not as intimidating as they may seem. If anything, they enrich one’s online gambling experience by bringing something new to the table. If you’re looking to win money quickly and do not care about the theatrics, then maybe live dealer games are not for you. Otherwise, you should give live dealer casino games a shot and who knows, you might have just found your go-to game! 


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