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Happy New Year! Many of you have made a New Year’s resolution in the past few days to change our eating habits to lose weight. If you decide to follow a traditional dieting system you will lose weight while on the diet. As soon as soon as people stop “dieting” the weight comes creeping back on, and up to two-thirds of those people will gain more than before. An estimated 95% of people who loose weight on a diet will gain the weight back.

Much of this has to do with how dieting works. Deprivation or denial is a major part of most diets. These include some involving counting calories or points that program the mind to think about food all the time. When they stop the diet they are still thinking about food all the time.

Denying ourselves chocolate, pizza, or eat different meals than the rest of the family several things begin to happen. The joy is taken out of eating and sometimes makes it difficult to live a normal life. Our brain fights against this, our body fights against this , and our day to day environment fights against this. When we begin a diet we know at some point it will be abandoned.

It is so easy to fall back into or old habits because most of those eating habits are deeply ingrained into our subconscious mind. When given similar circumstance the subconscious will fall back and play the same program it has so many times in the past. The subconscious thinks it is helping you out by responding to old patterns that have helped you self-sooth in the past. (We talked about self-soothing a few articles back).

Have you noticed when you consciously deny yourself of something you want it even more? If we could eat a little less than we need and eat anything we want, we could lose weight more naturally. Cutting back in this way sounds more attainable and sustainable.

I believe Sheila Granger has developed one of the most effective hypnosis weight loss programs available. Her program is called The Virtual Gastric Band Program. Be sure and read her best selling book called No More Diets to learn more about her process. Her program incorporates a virtual gastric band and other mind management techniques, and most importantly it is not a “diet”. By focusing on how the stomach feels with that band on it, and communicating effectively with the subconscious mind new habits are formed. Finally, we can achieve freedom from thinking about food all the time, by eating consciously, listening to what our tummy is telling us as opposed to our eyes and head. The results have proven sustainable weight loss without dieting.

We all know the importance of exercise in any weight loss program. If we aren’t careful to exercise the body will lose muscle while eliminating weight and it is necessary to keep our muscle mass strong. Hypnosis can give us pictures in our mind that promote a positive attitude about weight loss and exercise. The pictures we give our subconscious mind of how our body looks and moves will produce amazing results. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the subconscious mind programs our body. Feed it the right information and it will create what you want.

Be sure and have a Beautiful, Safe, Healthy, Happy and Peaceful, New Year. You deserve it!!!

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