3 Vehicle Collision Sends 3 Patients to Hospital

At about 1:30pm on Sunday, January 2nd, Prescott Regional Communications Center started to receive 911 calls about a car accident that occurred on Highway 69 and the Yavpé Connector in Prescott. When the initial engine arrived on scene they found a three vehicle rear end collision with substantial injuries in the middle vehicle. Extrication was needed by an additional engine crew for a 71-year-old female who had trauma to her face.  Native Air Ambulance was requested to arrive on scene to assist with transport to a level one trauma center. The patient was successfully extricated from the vehicle and all precautions were taken to stabilize the head and neck. She was then flown down to Honor Health, Deer Valley emergency department in Phoenix. Two other patients from that particular car were also transported to local emergency departments with substantial but non-life threatening injuries.

It is critical that all safety restraints be used in a vehicle at all times. Airbags may deploy in a car accident but without the proper use of a shoulder and lap seatbelt, those airbags may be ineffective in a vehicle collision. Seatbelts do, indeed, save lives… Use them every time!

Photos courtesy of Captain Allen Synder, Prescott Fire Department.


1 thought on “3 Vehicle Collision Sends 3 Patients to Hospital”

  1. Route 69 is straight at that intersection, so it’s quite likely that this was an entirely preventable accident. On average, people drive way too fast and, every day, you see irresponsible drivers treating our local roads like a racetrack. These reckless drivers choose to risk other people’s life and safety to save themselves a few minutes.

    Sure, we should always use a seat/shoulder belt, but the real key here is to slow down and prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Counter-arguments, please.

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