Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum Luncheon: Meet Your 2022 Candidates, January 10, 2022

Shiry Sapir – Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Shiry Sapir is an Arizona small business owner and a loving mother of three. As mother to her children, 8, 6 and 3, Shiry is passionate about the education and the future of our children.

Feeling passionate about the importance of applying to education the common sense and logic she uses every day in her successful business, Shiry has put her hat in the ring for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Shiry founded and grew Platinum Luxury Real Estate – a successful real estate investment and management company. Sapir has managed hundreds of properties while cultivating relationships with both investors, trades people and tenants.

In addition to all this, Sapir served in the IDF by providing support to bereaved families, earned her interior design degree in 2004, got her pilot’s license in 2006, became a General Contractor in 2008 and created Platinum Design and Construction, and attended culinary school for a year in 2012.

Sapir has been advocating for the prompt return of children to in- person learning, and has decided to step up and fight to bring change and common sense to the department of education. www.electshirysapir.com

Steve Zipperman – Candidate for Arizona of State Senate

Steve Zipperman is the only Constitutional Conservative running for the State Senate, to represent the People of LD-1. He honorably served our country, and he took an Oath to God to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He still holds to that Oath today. Steve earned a BS in Zoology/Chemistry, an MBA and a Juris Doctorate. His works were published in the prestigious UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy. As a real estate broker and lawyer, Mr. Zipperman has negotiated thousands of transactions and legal disputes. This skill translates into getting legislation passed. He also served as Los Angeles Municipal Court and Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, as well as a serving as a Mediator and Arbitrator. He understands the important nuances of legislation. Steve is NOT an insider politician. He is a small businessman who applies integrity and honesty to practical problem solving.

Selina Bliss – Candidate for Arizona State House of Representatives

Selina Bliss is a life-long Constitutional Conservative who is running for the Arizona State House of Representatives. Having lived in Legislative District 1 since 1971, she is dedicated to protecting and strengthening Arizona through conservative causes.

Having lived in LD-1 since 1971, Selina volunteers for several civic organizations including the Yavapai County Republican Party, the State and National Federation of Republican Women, the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, The Well-Armed Woman, and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue. She also enjoys her role as an activist with conservative movement groups such as the Arizona Free Enterprise Club.

Selina is passionate about securing the border security, stopping illegal immigration, protecting second amendment rights, restoring election integrity, limiting government overreach, lowering taxes, protecting the unborn, promoting school choice, and the protection of state rights.

Coming from a family of public servants, Selina is ready to serve in the State House to protect and defend Arizona from liberal causes and to keep Arizona great.

Rodney Glassman – Candidate for Attorney General

Rodney Glassman is a United States Air Force JAG Corps. Reservist and private attorney. A graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law, Glassman was admitted to the Arizona State Bar in 2009. Rodney has served our country for twelve years as a prosecutor, having prosecuted financial crimes, drug dealers, and fought for victims of sexual assault. In private practice, Rodney has shouldered the responsibility of running a legal office; his practice areas include high stakes commercial litigation, legislative strategy, and legal advising for both private and publicly traded corporations.

A constitutional conservative, Rodney believes in small, localized government, decreasing taxes and government regulation, and interpreting our constitution as it was written. Rodney is focused on fighting back against federal overreach into state matters, standing with and supporting our police, protecting our elections, and combating the crisis at the border. Rodney lives in Phoenix with his wife Sasha and their two daughters.

Starting in 2022, YRMF Luncheons are transitioning to Members-Only events. Since this is a new policy, we are allowing non-members to attend two luncheons during 2022, after which they must become a YRMF member or they will denied attendance at any future luncheons. We are moving to a Members-Only organization in fairness to our members who do pay yearly dues and support the cause and purpose of the Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum. Also, by moving to a Members-Only format, we are anticipating greater participation from membership and the ability to attract a wider range of guest speakers. For non-members, these events are only open to registered Republicans. Membership info can be found by clicking HERE.

Location and Frequency

Prescott Vibes Events Center
6200 Hwy 89, Prescott, AZ  86305
Google Map or download map with directions below.
Luncheons are held the second Monday of every month.  Doors open at 10:30AM.  Lunch goes from 11:30AM to 1:00PM.


In order to keep costs as low as possible, payment for lunch is taken in cash or check at the door.  The cost for lunch is $25 per person.

Remember – a reservation made is a reservation paid.  If you do not attend after holding a reservation past the cancellation deadline, please submit your payment for the lunch as outlined in the emails you received after making your reservation.  The cutoff for accepting cancellations is before 10:00PM the Wednesday before the Luncheon (January 5, 2022).

Lunch is $25 per reservation payable at the door by check or cash (no credit cards). This month’s buffet lunch is:
Apple Cider Cream Roasted Chicken
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
Mashed Potatoes
Salad, Dinner Roll and Desert

To register for the luncheon on January 10, 2022, click HERE.

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