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The left wing media, the Democrat party of ’60s and ’70s traitors, and New World Order promoters would have us all believe that the January 6, 2021 mini riot was an overt attempt to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. The real insurrection started more than half a century before. Whatever other mistakes President John Kennedy may have made, he expressed the true feelings of both of our political parties at his inauguration when he stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

That sentiment is the polar opposite of today’s Democrat Party. Their current tenet is that everyone who is not a straight, white male is a victim of systemic racism, misogynism, white supremacists, homophobia and xenophobia. As a result of being victims of all these isms and phobias, the government needs to pay reparations, release oppressed hoodlums from jails and prisons, require no cash bail for future arrests, forgive all loan debts, give free college and demand “equity” in hiring and promotions regardless of experience, expertise and qualifications.

The people who consider themselves our ruling class, (globalists of both parties), basically want to replace our merit based system with an equity ordered system. Make no mistake, by “equity”, they don’t mean equal opportunity, they mean equal outcome. This ultimately means that whatever percentage of our population was black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, straight, gay or transsexual, that same percentage would have to be enforced in every company, sport team, prison or group whatsoever. Expertise, experience, education or other qualifications, would only play a minor role, if any.

The absurdity of this so called equity can be illustrated if it were required of the National Basketball Association. Imagine an NBA that only had 13% black basketball players. Sports, from high school on, is the best example of meritocracy. If a team wants to win, it will play the best players regardless of race, ethnicity or any other consideration qualification than skill.

To implement their equity society, these real insurrectionists, had to use political power to suppress opposing views. They started during the Obama administration when they weaponized the Internal Revenue Service by targeting conservative groups by denying the ability to collect money and thereby stopping them from having any influence on elections. The main effect was on the 2012 election, where Obama was reelected and conservatives were denied the money to effect change. Obama wanted to “fundamentally change America” and he was using the supposedly nonpartisan bureaucrats to fix elections.

Lois Lerner was the main person who orchestrated this policy. She was allowed to retire with full benefits, escaping any responsibility for this highly unethical, illegal suppression of the right of individuals and groups from engaging in the political process.

Next, the Obama people in the justice department went after criminally weaponizing the Justice Department to go after those who were most effective in criticizing the Obama regime. Dinesh D’Souza was imprisoned for donating too much money to a Republican candidate. It was a technical violation that had rarely if ever been punished with more than a fine. Then in 2019, Roger Stone was arrested by a fully equipped FBI assault team sent by Robert Mueller who was investigating the alleged Russian collusion. This was a nonviolent suspect, so the only reason to send an assault team was to intimidate those who supported President Trump. Almost every instance similar to this, the FBI would call the defendant’s attorney and he could turn himself in.

Then after January 6, 2021, the Biden Justice Department arrested dozens of the protesters, some who never even entered the capital building. They were held, many without bail, in solitary confinement, both of which, are at least questionable, constitutionally. When the government abuses its power to suppress opposing views and political leaders, and imprison those and who are against your agenda, maybe that is an existential threat to our Constitution. Maybe that is real insurrection.

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