December 26, 2021

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Christmas Spirit

Some of the best Christmas presents aren’t wrapped. They are not found under the tree. They don’t come from a store, UPS, FED EX or Amazon. They don’t cost money and yet they represent all of the gifts that are given each Christmas. The giving of a gift is a showing of the love we


Biden’s Immigration Record has been an Absolute Failure in 2021

The Biden regime’s immigration record has been an absolute failure since assuming office in January 2021.   While it was widely expected that this illegitimate regime would govern in an irresponsible manner, no one predicted the gross incompetence and destructiveness inflicted on our country in such a short time, particularly along our southern border.  Let’s review the


Arizona saw ten-fold jump in catalytic converter thefts, second-most in nation

Travis Robertson admits he doesn’t know much about cars – but he does know that a loud rumbling is not supposed to come from underneath them when they’re started. “It scared me,” Robertson said. “That’s an understatement, it was really scary, my car was dying.” Robertson, a senior journalism student at Arizona State University, was


Liberal Conspiracy Theories in Film

Much of liberal and black commentary on race is essentially conspiracy theorizing. Whites, acting as a cabal, find ways to twist the economy, the legal system, and public schools to hurt blacks badly, Hispanics to a lesser degree, but for some reason not Asians. All racial disparities are casued by coordinated white malice. This is


Opinion – Seasonal Workers: Don’t Let a Union Boss Grinch Steal Your Money

Santiago Olmos spent just over two weeks as a seasonal worker for UPS during the holiday rush in December 2014. He endured a grueling schedule and delivered over 200 packages a day. In return for his hard work, UPS sent Olmos his first paycheck. The amount: Zero dollars. As detailed in a charge filed later with the National


Space telescope launched on daring quest to behold 1st stars

The world’s largest and most powerful space telescope rocketed away Saturday on a high-stakes quest to behold light from the first stars and galaxies and scour the universe for hints of life. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope soared from French Guiana on South America’s northeastern coast, riding a European Ariane rocket into the Christmas morning

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