Wedding Trends Straight from the Future

Drones that capture wedding pictures

Wedding videographers and photographers are capturing moments at a higher level, pun intended. Today, drones are used to shoot picturesque aerial shots of wedding receptions and venues.

If you love the beach, taking footage of the waves with you and your beau at the shore is now possible. Prenup videos at the mountains are even better when captured by drones, too!

Aside from shooting videos or photos, you can also use drones to bring the wedding rings to you at the altar. If you are still choosing from the most popular engagement rings 2021 to propose to your girlfriend in Prescott, you might as well consider drones in your proposal plan.

Today, the most popular engagement ring designs have a classic style with a modern look. Those with old heirloom-inspired European cuts are also one of the most wanted as consumers are also considering family traditions.

GoPro bridal bouquet to capture every moment

The wedding day’s walk down the aisle is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments, and believe us when we say it flies by quickly. So, why not ask your florist to leave a slot in your bridal bouquet for a little camera so that you can capture it all on camera from your vantage point?

A GoPro camera is ideal for doing the job as it is small, making it easy to hide. Of course, any mini camera you have will also do.

3D decorations for wedding cake

3D printing is gaining popularity in the culinary industry. Achieve a modern design by asking your cake maker to bake a plain wedding cake and add fantastic 3D printed shapes to the top and sides.

You can also have a beautiful 3D printed topper for your wedding cake. Look for some amazing topper designs online for the wedding theme you opt for.

Charging stations and selfie sticks for nonstop party

Among the most annoying events that could happen while at a wedding party is draining your smartphone’s battery. To keep the party going, ensure that charging stations are placed at party venues. You can also provide selfie sticks at reception areas to encourage lots of hashtags.

Livestream wedding

Aside from hiring videographers to document the wedding, live-streaming is also becoming popular in the wedding industry. The difference is that it is no longer necessary for you to hire a professional to shoot the event. Asking a family or friend to live-stream the entire program will do. Placing the camera on a tripod is also a good option.

Change is inevitable, which shows even in the wedding industry today. These trends help make weddings more memorable and fun. Moreover, a wedding doesn’t need to have a modern theme to incorporate these tech wedding trends. Traditional weddings can also become more enjoyable with some of these technologies.

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