December 22, 2021


Arizona Attorney General’s Office Works to Eliminate Illegal Robocalls

The number one communications complaint across the nation continues to be the flood of illegal robocalls to consumers. In November 2021, Arizonans received more than 18 million unwanted calls, an average of 12.6 calls per person. The calls go well beyond a universal source of annoyance. Scammers use abusive robocall tactics to threaten and scam people out


Opinion: Stop the Gerrymander

Partisan gerrymandering is in full swing in America following the 2020 Census.  In most states, legislators have the power to establish their own districts and both parties work to control the process and create favorable districts that often entrench incumbents and diminish the power of voters to change their leaders. And this year, in those


Wedding Trends Straight from the Future

Drones that capture wedding pictures Wedding videographers and photographers are capturing moments at a higher level, pun intended. Today, drones are used to shoot picturesque aerial shots of wedding receptions and venues. If you love the beach, taking footage of the waves with you and your beau at the shore is now possible. Prenup videos

John Stossel

Opinion: Questioning the Science – John Stossel

When people criticize Dr. Anthony Fauci, he says: “They’re really criticizing science. Because I represent science.” Pretty arrogant. I assume Fauci is a top-notch scientist. My brother worked with him at the National Institutes of Health and respected him. But power tends to corrupt, and Fauci has been given a lot of power. His department


New reforms target US military’s missing weapons problem

The Department of Defense is overhauling how it keeps track of its guns and explosives, and Congress is requiring more accountability from the Pentagon — responses to an Associated Press investigation that showed lost or stolen military weapons were reaching America’s streets. The missing weaponry includes assault rifles, machine guns, handguns, armor-piercing grenades, artillery shells, mortars, grenade launchers

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