Representative Nguyen: Stronger Penalties Needed to Hold Dealers Accountable in Fight Against Fentanyl

State Representative Quang Nguyen today introduced HB 2021, new legislation that will greatly strengthen penalties for individuals who knowingly traffic or sell fentanyl-tainted drugs that contribute to a person’s death, giving prosecutors stronger tools in the fight against the deadly illegal narcotic that is killing people at alarming rates.

“We are in a war to save lives,” said Representative Nguyen. “Fentanyl is an extremely powerful and dangerous drug that’s responsible for killing tens of thousands of Americans each year. It’s deadly impact on Arizonans is growing, and many families in Yavapai County have been destroyed because of it. This is a public crisis, and it needs to stop now. This legislation would update our laws to arm prosecutors with tougher legal penalties that could be used to hold accountable drug traffickers and dealers for overdose deaths.”

HB 2021 classifies drug trafficking homicide as a Class 1 felony.

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