December 21, 2021

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: What To Do About That Russian Ultimatum – Pat Buchanan

“Get off our front porch. Get out of our front yard. And stay out of our backyard.” This might stand as a crude summary of two draft security pacts Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei A. Ryabkov delivered last week as Russia’s price for resolving the crisis created by those 100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders. Ryabkov’s

U.S. Domestic spending plan

Democrats try to ‘build back’ after Manchin tanks $2T bill

Democrats are struggling to pick up the pieces after Sen. Joe Manchin effectively crushed President Joe Biden’s big domestic policy bill. But they face serious questions whether the $2 trillion initiative can be refashioned to win his crucial vote or the party will be saddled with a devastating defeat. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed


Pentagon issues rules aimed at stopping rise of extremism

Warning that extremism in the ranks is increasing, Pentagon officials issued detailed new rules Monday prohibiting service members from actively engaging in extremist activities. The new guidelines come nearly a year after some current and former service members participated in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, triggering a broad department review. According to the Pentagon,

Legal Beat

Ghislaine Maxwell jury begins deliberations after closings

A jury began deliberations Monday, tasked with considering whether Ghislaine Maxwell is a dangerous predator who recruited teens to be sexually abused by financier Jeffrey Epstein — as prosecutors put it — or the “innocent woman” a defense attorney described. The jury received the case just before 5 p.m. after two prosecutors and a defense

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