Hypnotically Speaking – Carrie Ann Apap

It is the most wonderful and magical time of the year! Remember when you were a child and your imagination would take you to the most amazing places especially at Christmas time. In some ways it’s a time of year when we all allow ourselves to imagine and dream of what is possible. The greatest inventors of all time lived in the world of imagination and possibility.

Consider Thales. Thales is a company that thrives on innovation. They spend 2.5 billion euros on research every year and own the rights to 15,000 patents. The entire company is constantly inspired by the greatest inventors of all time and have put together a list of the top 10 inventors. Their number one pick, and the namesake of their company is Thales of Miletus, who lived in the 6th century BC. He was the father of Western philosophy. Thales was one of the first people to explain natural phenomena without reference to mythology—technically making him the world’s first scientist. They say he invented mathematics as well.

The other great inventors they list are Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Archimedes, Benjamin Franklin, Louis Pasteur and Alexander Fleming, the Montgolfier brothers and Clement Ader, Nikola Tesla, Auguste and Louis Lumiere, and number 10 is Tim Berners-Lee. Take some time and go to the Thales Group and learn why they list these as their top 10 inventors. Some were new to me and their stories inspired me as well.

Why spend all this time thinking about inventions and technology? Because hypnosis is a great tool of invention. I think I have mentioned in the past that Einstein put himself into a hypnotic trance to discover the “theory of relativity”. Einstein and the people mentioned above all knew the power of their mind while living in a world of possibility.

Since we’ve been focusing on our relationship with food and eliminating excess weight the past month, I would like to help you understand how hypnosis can help in the process of creating, or inventing, your new body. Imagine using the same tools of all our great inventors to create a new body. That’s right—losing weight is a creative process having more to do with our relationship with food and our body. When we are born we operated more from survival and the necessary sustenance needed to stay alive. Our stomachs told our brain we were hungry, we cried, we were fed and once we were satisfied, we stopped eating. As we grew older, our brain became more involved and we started to respond more to our environment, developing associations with food. Some of these relationships are good and some bad. If our parents gave us sweets as a reward to make us feel better, our brain begins to associate sweets to feeling better. This is compounded by how sugar biologically gives us a natural high. Before long we begin to live in a trance relating sweets to feeling better. This can be the beginning of an obsession with food and being overweight. The more we jump from one diet to another focusing on different food plans the greater the obsession.

Once we get back to how much we love to create, using our mind’s ability to invent a new body, or any other thing we wish to have, do, and be we find the true joy in life. Isn’t it the most fun when we are creating and actively engaging our mind?

Use hypnosis to help begin a new creative adventure in the New Year. Merry Christmas and have a beautiful day. You deserve it!

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