Joe Biden is Destroying America with His Open Border Policies

Representative Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) issued the following statement condemning Joe Biden for the latest surge of illegal aliens crossing the southern border in Yuma, Arizona.

“This week, Arizonans have watched in horror as new pictures and videos depict the latest rush of illegal aliens crossing the border in Yuma. Photos and videos showing lines and lines of criminals walking into our country. Mountains of litter and rubbish strewn everywhere. Thousands more staging along the border getting ready to cross. It is evident by these disturbing images that the crisis along the southern border is getting worse by the day.

Joe Biden’s open border policies are an open invitation to criminals and drug cartels to cross into our country unchecked. This is the crisis that Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see but a picture is worth a thousand words. The crisis has reached a new level and what is taking place in Yuma is unconscionable. Joe Biden is destroying America,” concluded Congressman Gosar.


2 thoughts on “Joe Biden is Destroying America with His Open Border Policies”

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    Prepare yourselves biden voters its coming.
    Rape ,death total social break down.
    And eventually civil war.
    Well done leftie blm supporting biden voters .
    You’ve killed your own children.

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