Hypnotically Speaking

It’s been a few weeks since Halloween and I’m wondering how many of you out there are being chased by the sugar monster, as my colleague and mentor Sheila Granger, the author of No More Diets, refers to the continuous craving for sugar. Research has indicated that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It is common to experience withdrawal symptoms such as depression and other behavior problems when coming off sugar. Hypnosis is a wonderful support for those who find themselves having to reduce or eliminate sugar from their diet.

As a long-time sufferer of hypoglycemia (or low blood sugar) I know first-hand the effects of sugar. Many people think that if your sugar is low simply eat or drink more sugar and all is well. The truth is when someone is experiencing low blood sugar their pancreas goes into hyper mode and secrets more insulin than normal causing symptoms such as shaking, fast heart rate, sweating, being anxious, dizziness, hunger, impaired vision, weakness, fatigue, headache, and irritability. The pancreas eventually wears itself out and is unable to produce insulin causing diabetes. Knowing the symptoms of hypoglycemia, it is any wonder that people who experience high levels of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks have eating habits that lend themselves to low blood sugar?

When we eat or drink sugar or foods high in carbs that turn to sugar, the sugar goes directly to our brain acting like an opiate to the brain, giving us a natural high. Unfortunately, a few hours later, when the blood sugar drops, and we come off the high we crave more sugar, thus beginning the cycle once again. As the cycle continues over long periods of time one can eventually develop chronic hypoglycemia or diabetes, which contributes to many other, sometimes serious, health conditions.

After being diagnosed I was fortunate to be listening to a doctor on the radio discussing hypoglycemia, and he said anyone who experiences hypoglycemia has to consider themselves absolutely allergic to sugar. You might say he hypnotized me with that suggestion, and I decided to stop eating sugar and consider myself allergic to sugar. It is a great demonstration of how naturally we experience hypnosis throughout or day without even being aware of it. By the way it’s generally excepted by others when I say I’m allergic to sugar. They just naturally respect my refusing sugary foods or deserts. I have avoided becoming diabetic.

There are other dangers involved with overloading on sugary foods. They could alter brain receptors that regulate how much we eat. Laboratory studies showed that rats having binged on sugar had brain changes that mimicked those of drug withdrawal. Just seeing pictures of a favorite desert such as ice cream, cake, or candy triggers brain activity similar to a drug addict. How easy is it to fall right back into habit when being hypnotized while watching TV adds about yummy foods and deserts?

So, whether it’s reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet, weight loss, helping with stress, anxiety, or panic attacks, hypnosis will support your decision to take your life back and improve your health. Now is the time, as we enter the holiday season, to make your decision for a better life.

Happy Thanksgiving and until next time be sure and have a beautiful day—you deserve it.


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1 thought on “Hypnotically Speaking”

  1. That’s a really interesting article Carrie Ann. I’m eliminating sugar as part of a liver detox I’m doing over the next few weeks.
    I’ll also forward it to my newsletter subscribers.
    Keep up the good work!

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