Congressman Gosar Responds to Democrats Attempts to Cancel Him Via Censure

Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS (AZ-04), issued the following statement in response to the Democrats’ attack on his First Amendment right to speak out against illegal immigration and open borders in the upcoming budget bill, known as the Build Back Better Plan.

“President Trump called me his “warrior” for a reason.  I have been fighting for America First and against the Democrats’ efforts to destroy this country with open borders, drugs, illegal immigration and human trafficking all condoned and initiated by the Biden administration.  My team created a short anime video that depicts, in literary form, the plague of open borders and the people who promote and support it.  It is done in a superhero format with good guys and bad guys.   It flies through the air.  It moves fast.  But it does not incite violence.  It does not promote violence.

Even Twitter, the Left’s mouthpiece, did not remove the cartoon noting it was in the public’s interest for it to remain up. The cartoon directly contributes to the understanding and discussion of the battle taking place along the southern border resulting from Mr. Biden’s open border policies.

If this cartoon “incites violence” and needs to be banned and me “punished” for it, then the Cartoon Network, Disney and all of Hollywood must be shut down and “punished” for all the cartoon and film violence they portray.  I don’t advocate this, I am merely pointing out the lunacy of those who think this cartoon is violent and incites violence.  And I remind everyone that pretending to be upset over a cartoon and wanting to suppress the ideas in a cartoon is what happened to the Charlie Hebdo magazine in France.  All right-thinking people condemned that then, and they should condemn the Democrats now for their violation of free speech.

The actual inciters and promoters of violence are Democrats like Maxine Waters who asked an angry mob to run Trump supporters out of town, or Vice President Harris, who helped raise bail money for violent arsonists so they could be sprung from prison only to burn more property.  On May 30, 2020, according to Reuters, 13 Biden campaign staff donated money to bail out criminals so they could return to the streets.  Some of the criminals bailed out by the Democrats included:

“Among those bailed out by the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) is a suspect who shot at police, a woman accused of killing a friend, and a twice convicted sex offender, according to court records reviewed by the FOX 9 Investigators.  According to attempted murder charges, Jaleel Stallings shot at members of a SWAT Team during the riots in May. Police recovered a modified pistol that looks like an AK-47. MFF paid $75,000 in cash to get Stallings out of jail.  Darnika Floyd is charged with second degree murder, for stabbing a friend to death. MFF paid $100,000 cash for her release.   Christopher Boswell, a twice convicted rapist, is currently charged with kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault in two separate cases. MFF paid $350,00 [sic] in cash for his release.”

In response to burning, looting and rioting, one member of Congress tweeted that the riots and protests were good as they “make others uncomfortable.”  That same member told rioters not to stop because “if you are calling for an end to this unrest, and if you are calling for an end to all this [violence], but you are not calling for the end of the conditions that created the unrest, you are a hypocrite.”  Thus, we have members of Congress urging more violence and inciting more violence.  Actual violence.  Over $2 billion in property damage, 100 days of burning and looting and 34 people killed.

Yet they remain on their committees.  They were never censured for actual incitement to violence.

One member of Congress stated that a cartoon can’t hold a gun, but “Congressman Gosar can.”  This reckless incitement to violence will go unaddressed.

Let us not conflate real violence, supported by Democrats, with a mere cartoon that harms nothing but simply lampoons the globalists who push for open borders, amnesty and the destruction of our country, our republic,” concluded Congressman Gosar.

Here is a copy of Rep. Gosar’s prepared remarks on the floor of the House:

November 17, 2021
Madame Speaker, I rise today to address, and reject, the mischaracterized accusations from many in this body that a cartoon from my office is dangerous or threatening.

It was not and I reject that false narrative categorically.

I do not espouse violence towards anyone. I never have.

It was not my purpose to make anyone upset.

I voluntarily took the cartoon down not because it was itself a threat, but because some thought it was.

Out of compassion for those who genuinely felt offense, I self-censored.

Last week, my staff posted a video depicting a policy battle regarding amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens.

This was an anime that speaks to young voters who are too often overlooked.

Even Twitter, the Left’s mouthpiece, did not remove the cartoon noting it was in the public’s interest for it to remain.

The cartoon directly contributes to the understanding and discussion of the real-life battle resulting from this administration’s open border policies.

This body is considering passage of Mr. Biden’s reckless, socialist/Marxist $4.9 trillion spending bill that provides $100 billion for amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens already in our country.

This is what the Left doesn’t want the American people to know.

Our country is suffering from the plague of illegal immigration. I won’t stop pointing this out.

Millions of illegal aliens, drugs and human traffickers are being let in and moved around our country. In the dead of the night all condoned by this administration.

For this cartoon, some in Congress suggest I should be punished.

I have said decisively there is no threat in the cartoon other than the threat immigration poses to our country.

And no threat was intended by my staff, or me.

The American people deserve to have their voices heard in Congress.

No matter how much the Left tries to quiet me, I will continue to speak out against amnesty to illegal aliens, defend the rule of law and advance the America First agenda.

If I must join Alexander Hamilton, the first person attempted to be censured by the House, so be it.

It is done.

Madame Speaker, I yield back.


2 thoughts on “Congressman Gosar Responds to Democrats Attempts to Cancel Him Via Censure”

  1. I support Dr. Gosar my congressman 100%. Those attacking him including Tim Wiederlanders, editor of Prescott Newspapers, Inc. 2021. In an editorial 11/17/2021 PV Tribune “Rep Gosar has gone too far”. “he has stepped far over the line of protocol and decency we expect from a congressman. His behavior is not acceptable”. Our local printed “rag” has joined the cabal of emotional leftist media in faux and undermining tempo to destroy our constitutional America.

  2. The censure of Dr. Gosar was a political act by a partisan house of representatives which is now dominated by an off the rails and divisive democrat party led by an unhinged Nancy Pelosi. Just as the impeachment of President Trump was an act of political warfare by Pelosi and her democrat mafia, the censure of Dr. Gosar is based on the fact that he does not belong to the party that is now in power in the house of representatives. As such it is pretty much a meaningless gesture by a divided and chaotic political body as was Pelosi’s shredding of her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union Address .

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