Seasonal discarding of fireplace ashes

With winter fast approaching the Prescott Fire Department would like to remind you of the dangers associated with carelessly discarding your ashes from your fireplaces.

Every year the Prescott Fire Department responds to fires resulting from the discarding of fireplace ashes that are not quite extinguished. These fires have resulted in the loss of personal property, pets, City of Prescott trash collection vehicles and receptacles, and can potentially take lives. Because of this, the Prescott Fire Department would like to remind everyone who disposes of fireplace ashes to follow these guidelines.

  • Allow the wood and ashes to cool completely in the fireplace.
  • Transfer the remaining wood and ashes to a metal bucket with a shovel
  • Wet the wood and ashes with water creating slurry.
  • Transfer the metal container outside away from any combustible surface or materials.
  • Re-stir the slurry in metal can and make sure contents are cold before dispose of the slurry with your regular garbage.

Without the addition of water to ensure coals are completely out, embers can remain hot buried deep in your ashes for several days.

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