Opinion: Failing To Learn From Mistakes

Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” – Thomas Sowell

With the election on November 2, the progressive socialists in the Democrat party took a heavy loss in Virginia. They just narrowly won in New Jersey. The wokesters got put to sleep in Minnesota, Seattle and most other jurisdictions that held these off year elections . At such stunning defeats all over the country, the prudent Democrats would figure it was time for some introspection. One would think that the Democrats would be asking themselves what they have done wrong. How have they lost percentages of black and Hispanic voters? Why didn’t suburban women vote with them on these off year elections?

While some Democrats are questioning why the majority of voters have turned against them, it looks like the progressive/socialist wing of the party and their media mouthpieces have retreated to the agenda that is causing the defections. They seem to have come back, even more ardently, to their old standby accusations of racist voters, responding to “dog whistles” and white supremacist code words. Of course, the advantage of being so vague in their assertions is that they don’t have to point to specifics. This would be difficult because there are no specifics. If they did try to conjure up a dog whistle or code word, they would be laughed off the air. The fact that they have to resort to terms like dog whistles and code words prove there are no specifics.

Without President Trump to blame all racism on, the left points to the mystical, undefinable “systemic racism”. It is much easier to blame groups like white supremacists and mysterious phenomenon like white privilege, than to take responsibility for their own failure. There might be another reason for their continued, apparent asininity. The farthest left may know that they have lost the majority of the country’s voters. They still hold on to the Executive and Legislative branches of government and that may cause them to think that they must strike while they still have that power. The much over used phrase, “doubling down” seems to apply to these socialist/Democrat radicals.

The pragmatic, moderate Democrats should now realize that the farthest left in their party overplayed their hand last year. Their support of the Antifa, BLM riots, the defund the police movement and pushing the Critical Race Theory(CRT) in schools is now backfiring on them at the polls. The rise in the violent crime rate, the public is now recognizing, is the result of fewer police officers and more criminals out on the street. It is apparent to the voters that lowering the punishment for crimes like shoplifting and auto burglaries, is causing an epidemic of misdemeanor crimes.

Parents have become aware that their children are being vilified or taught they are victims because of the color of their skin or their sex. Many are coming to the conclusion that some schools are teaching kids to hate this country. The realization that maybe the test scores in our nation keep heading in a downward spiral, is because schools are teaching CRT, gender identification classes and drag queen reading hours. How much time do these classes and activities take from teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, history, geography and science?

The socialist leftists look like they are in control of the Democrat Party. They are pushing their policies, thinking they will be irreversible. Let’s hope they fail to learn from their mistakes. For their part, the Republicans need to acknowledge their own mistakes and primary out the RINOs who vote with the Democrats on inflationary and socialist bills.

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