November 11, 2021

Prescott National Forest

Yavapai Campground Closing for the Winter

Officials on the Prescott National Forest will be closing Yavapai Campground on November 15, 2021, which is in the Granite Basin Recreation Area on the Bradshaw Ranger District.  Due to lack of forest staff and campground hosts, Yavapai Campground will be closed for the winter and reopen on April 1, 2022. Forest visitors are reminded


How to improve your cannabis business

In recent years the marijuana industry has started to boom and as a result, everyone wants a piece of the cake. Many people focus on the potential and brush over the risks. The marijuana industry is not as easy to infiltrate as it might seem because you will be venturing out into uncharted waters if

City of Prescott

City of Prescott Seeks New Applications for Multiple Boards, Committees and Commissions

The City Council Subcommittee on Appointments is seeking applications from citizens who are interested in serving on a number of Boards, Committees and Commissions. The City of Prescott is currently seeking applications for the following Boards, Committees and Commissions:   Board, Committee, Commission Term Number of Vacancies Must Be a Prescott Resident Acker Trust Board


Opinion: The Infrastructure Bill’s Many Tax Headaches

Congressional Democrats and 13 House Republicans passed a $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill” last week. About 20 percent of the funds are for actual roads and bridges. The rest is filled with earmarks and other “woke” wasteful spending and lays the groundwork for a new vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax. Even worse for taxpayers, Democrats used this bill to

Michelle Malkin

Opinion: Our Children Are Not Chattel

They admitted it. Now they think they can get away with it. Three weeks ago, I reported to you on the appalling case of sixth grade student Rylee M., who was pressured by teachers at Chinook Trail Middle School to seal her mask to her face with thick blue painter’s tape. Another schoolmate came forward

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