Arizona Today: Interview with Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas, Part 4

Dr. Lyle Rapacki continues his interview with Doug Logan about the Arizona audit, asking about the ballots, and reading questions from his readers.


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  1. Mr Rapacki… I have listened to the first four parts of your interview with Mr Logan and I must say I am very disappointed. Unless I am hopelessly mistaken you have not asked the following:
    #1 Why was Mr Logan conspicuously absent from Ms Maloneys audit hearings in Washington ?
    Was Mr Logan told not to attend ? If so by whom? Does Mr Logan agree that his absence from the hearing was a huge mistake ? (after all Mr Bennett was there plus Ms Maloney et all had a field day criticizing the Ninjas for a sham audit etc and Mr Logan was not there to defend his work)
    #2 Jovan Pullitzer has a video out where in not so many words he is saying his audit report is done but his hands are tied and the “powers to be” will not release his report. Question : Why does Mr Logan keep saying the report will be out “any day now” which clearly is in contradiction to what Jovan is saying ? Details please. What is the real story here ?
    #3 In part 4, you were discussing with Mr Logan about how different paper was used for the ballots in some circumstances. Surely this must be a breach of some kind (a counterfeit one dollar bills is a counterfeit regardless of any excuse as to why or how it came into existence). Is it not true that the paper ballots have been returned to Maricopa county ? How can Jovan or anyone else show that illegitimate paper (ie counterfeit) was used if ballots have been returned ? Details please.

    Stop asking Mr Logan about his procedures, they really are not relevant now. If Mr Logan was at the hearing maybe he would have been challenged on this point and then he could have / would have defended his methods and processes. To defend them here in these videos does absolutely nothing. The point is completely muted.

    Mr Rapacki … you keep saying the democrats are running scared – I think not – I think you (and others) have let them off the hook and they are laughing at you all. It’s been over a year now and you have very little to show for all of your hard work. Time is overdue to get this show on the road !!

    Tony Marks

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