Yavavpai Republican Men’s Forum Luncheon on November 8th, 2021

For the November 8th Luncheon we will have four candidates running for some of the top offices in Arizona.  This is your chance to listen to and meet with these candidates.  We need the best Republicans filling these positions so that on the Federal and State level we are able to regain and control our Republic and State.  Stay informed. Stay involved. Make a difference!

Where:  Prescott Resort and Conference Center

When: Doors open at 10:30 AM.  Luncheon 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Cost: $30 per person.  Pay at the door – cash or check only (no credit cards)

Candidate for Attorney General: TIFFANY SHED

Tiffany Shed grew up in Pinal County and worked her way through college and law school at the University of Arizona. She has worked as a natural resource attorney, bilingual kindergarten teacher, and farmer, in addition to owning several small businesses. Tiffany is a homeschool mom, a Republican Precinct Committeeman, an NRA and 4-H certified pistol and shotgun coach, and has taught children the basics of firearm safety and competitive shooting for over 15 years.

As an attorney for over 27 years, she has fought onerous regulations, government overreach, and bad policy to defend the rights of Arizonans. In her legal practice, Tiffany has represented companies with hundreds of employees and successfully fought against government regulations that would have cost Arizona businesses millions of dollars. The Arizona Bar Association, the Governor’s office and the Arizona State Senate recognized her experience and judgement by selecting her to serve as a member of the Judicial Nominating Commission, responsible for selecting superior court judges in Pinal County.

Tiffany and her husband Rodney, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, are the fourth generation to farm their land in Arizona and have raised three wonderful children, Steven, Summer, and Samantha.


Tiffany became a lawyer to protect the people of her community. Tiffany learned in high school the tools lawyers have to fight injustice, defend the rights of the defenseless, and give people a voice.

At the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, Tiffany focused on business, water, and natural resources to defend the livelihood and wellbeing of her family, friends, and neighbors.

Now, Tiffany is running for Attorney General because the Biden Administration, socialist Democrats in Washington, and progressive Big Tech, are working to do great harm to Arizona and they must be stopped.

Living on a drug and human trafficking route, Tiffany’s seen firsthand what the Biden administration’s policies at the border are doing. It is real, and it is a crisis.

The progressives may control Washington, DC, but, with your support, Tiffany can stop them from destroying Arizona with their America last policies. As Attorney General, Tiffany won’t be passive or weak. She will wake up every day and go to fight for the people and state she loves. She will hold the line.

Candidate for  Governor: STEVE GAYNOR


Steve Gaynor isn’t a politician and that’s why he knows how to get things done. He’s an outsider, entrepreneur and successful businessman who shares our concerns that America and Arizona are both at critical crossroads facing enormous challenges. Not satisfied with sitting back and watching politicians continue to fail to provide the strength of  character and leadership we need, Steve wants to work to make Arizona a  national leader and example, and a place where God, Country, Family and  Freedom come first.

In 2021, Steve declared his candidacy for Governor of Arizona – once  again challenging establishment Republican candidates. His campaign is focused on grassroots participation, and on solving tough issues that the Arizona politicians have failed to address. A lifelong member of the NRA, Steve is a strong conservative who believes in opportunity,  freedom and our constitutional republic. In his free time, Steve enjoys working on cars with his two sons, debating legal issues with his  daughter, and traveling with his wife Dorothy.  Steve also has a bit of a green thumb and grows some of the best peaches and figs you’ve ever  tasted in his backyard orchard.

Candidate for US Senate: JIM LAMON

Growing up on a farm, Jim Lamon learned to work hard and value Faith,  Family, and Country.  Jim’s first paying job was shoveling manure at age  7, at $0.25 per stall.  That experience has left him well-prepared to clean up Washington.  He learned teamwork and dedication when he played  football for the legendary coach Bear Bryant.  Jim followed in the footsteps of his father, who was a construction engineer and a Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army Reserve. His mother ran the home while also working part-time.

Today, Jim is the father of two grown children and proud grandfather of two grandchildren.  He is active in his Christian faith and philanthropy.  He enjoys weight training, hiking and yoga.

Jim Lamon is not the candidate of special interests, and definitely not the favorite of Communist China. When elected to the Senate, Jim will only answer to the voters of Arizona.  He will work for us, putting the taxpayer first. Jim will support balanced budgets, term limits, and spending reforms. He  will fight to defend our constitutional rights, including the right to  bear arms. He will donate his entire salary and unlike many lawmakers out to enrich themselves, he will not accept a government pension. 

Candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission: NICK MEYERS


Most importantly, I am a husband and a father. I have been married to my lovely wife, Katerina, for over 18 years. We have three daughters and have run a family business together for almost a decade.

I have spent the last five years interacting with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC or Commission). The first 4 years were spent working to remedy decades of water issues for my community. I understand first-hand the trials and tribulations of dealing with the Commission from a ratepayer viewpoint. This experience places me in a unique position to fight for people like you, the customers of the utilities.

Accomplishments at the Commission include:

• Restoring water service to a local community that had their water removed arbitrarily and capriciously by the local utility

• Helping a customer who was discriminated against by a utility with her formal complaint, and ultimate settlement with the utility

• Initiating a groundbreaking effort within the state of Arizona that culminated in getting an interim manager installed into a Class A utility that had been abusing customers and ratepayer money for over 20 years; ultimately leading to the sale of the utility to a reputable water company.

Values and Examples:

• Know the Position: Currently a Policy Advisor to Commissioner Justin Olson. My on-the-job training has already started!

• Transparency and Accountability: Currently working with commission staff to revamp the Commission website to make it more user friendly and to show voting records of Commissioners.

• Limited Government: Advocated for legislative bills HB2248 and HB2737, limiting the power of the Commission

• Low and Fair Utility Rates: Research issues and guide policy at the commission to limit the amount and number of subsidies and mandates issued by the Commission. Constantly fighting to limit the amount of Post Test Year Plant and helping guide amendments to keep the Rate of Return as low as possible for the ratepayers.

• Prevent Government Abuse: Contributing to possible modifications to the Commission code of ethics preventing clean elections from being weaponized.

Why I’m Running:

Arizonans need someone that is willing to stand up for them now, and in the future. Someone who will look out for their best interests proactively instead of reactively. The ACC has ONE JOB as defined by the constitution, to set “just and reasonable rates and charges”. Arizona needs a commissioner that will keep the Commission on-track and focused primarily on this task.

MONTHLY LUNCHEON is held at the Prescott resort,

Prescott Resort and Conference Center

1500 Highway 69, Prescott, AZ  86301

In order to keep costs as low as possible, payment for lunch is taken in cash or check at the door.  The cost for lunch is $30 per person.

Remember – a reservation made is a reservation paid.  If you do not attend after holding a reservation past the cancellation deadline, please submit your payment for the lunch as outlined in the emails you received after making your reservation.  The cutoff for accepting cancellations is before 10:00PM the Wednesday before the Luncheon. Last day to make a reservation is Wednesday November 3, 2021.

To make a reservation, click HERE.


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