Congressman Paul Gosar Knocks Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s Mandatory Vaccine Policy

For weeks, citizens in our community have protested outside Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) over its decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. Our healthcare providers have made the best medical decisions for themselves, and their employers do not get to subvert this. To date, nearly 20% of reported COVID-19 cases are Americans who work in the healthcare industry. Thus, many have natural immunity which is known to be more effective than the vaccine.  YRMC’s vaccine mandate could lead to the potential loss of 1100 doctors and nurses. We cannot afford healthcare shortages. This mandate should be eliminated.

This week, I sent a letter to YRMC leadership in support of the doctors and nurses whose jobs are on the line due to this mandate. There is a growing and strong grassroots movement among the American people to not be a forced test-tube for a vaccine barely a year old. This is neither anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine, this is the express intent of healthcare providers and citizens to make their own medical decisions absent political pressure.


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  1. Thank you, I have quit my job at the hospital because of the monitory vaccine. It was a position that I was very happy to do but didn’t feel that I should have to have the vaccine. Hope and pray that things will change.

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